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C-Section Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
I was told i will need a c-section for my next bub cause i had alot of complications with the first. Im six weeks pregnant and really scared about having it done can someone please tell me bout there experiences good and bad.
thanks heaps
deb xox

I had an emergency c-section with my first bub (who is 16 months) I am due to have another bub in December and it will be by c-section again. Dont worry, its not as bad as what everyone seems to think (although I have heard some bad stories). The worst part of it all, is the taking it easy for 6 weeks. I think I only lasted about 3, adn your not supposed to drive for 6 weeks either, that was hard, but I did obey that one due to insurance purposes on the car.
Maybe you should do some reading up on the topic? It might help ease your mind a bit?
See ya Kris

Kris, QLD, Amber 2, Keira 1

Hello and congratulations on the arrival of your new child. I have had a c section (elective) and am 31 weeks and having another. To be perfectly honest with you it was marvellous. Oh I am such a lazy cow but because I knew it was happening I didn't have to push and use all my energy that way. The after effects the worst was not being able to get out of bed the first day to change babies nappy (so if you have a good hubby, mother) make sure you organise time slots to help you though if lucky the nurses will help. The second worst effect was not being able to laugh (it hurt like hell and somehow everyone managed to make me laugh) though this disappears after a couple of days. And the third was the lifting and driving rule at home. Though my midwife and specialist said I could drive if I could stamp my feet and turn around. (did small trips after three weeks). Everyone has a different opinion but that was mine PS really good hint is use your pain relief for first few hours afterwards as it helped me recover better. Take care and good luck
I have had three c-sections. I have four kids, my first was natural and my labor wasn't the best, but I managed to get him out in the end.

My second was breech and I had an elective c-section, honestly, I loved it, compared to the chaos of my first, it was so calm and relaxed, I felt like everything was under control, iykwim.

My third was breech also, so I elected for another c-section, but there was one slight problem, he weighed 11pounds and 1 ounce. Because he was so big, he had pushed all of my internal organs up into my chest cavity so that when he was taken out and everything dropped back down, I felt like I was being crushed, it was excruciating and even with spinal block I could still feel it. I ended up screaming for them to knock me out. Also, due to his size, he was too big to fit out of a standard c-section incision, so he got stuck and they could not get him out, at this point my elective became an emergency and they cut me very quickly, and not so neatly, on either side to widen the incision. Josh was eventually pulled out not breathing and in a very bad way, he needed cardiac massage to get him going and spent the night in NICU. Finally, because my placenta was also very big, when it was removed, I lost huge amounts of blood and needed a blood transfusion, not very nice!!

My fourth was another c-section and that was fine, just the same as the second.

So it all depends, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are not!!

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Now im really scared. thanks ladies i guess it has to b done doesnt it
take care
deb xxx
I had an elective c sec and I can highly recommened it. I was bouncing off the walls after 48 hours and had no problems at all. Scarring was minimal and i was back in a bikini for summer.

Thanks hun u have made me feel heaps better.
I have had 3 C-Sections, my 1st was an emergancy CS and I was very unprepared for this outcome so it was not a good experience for me, I came out after very unwell also.
But with my other 2 they were both Elective as I suffer high BP in pregnancy I could only have C-Section deliveries but these 2 C-Sections were much better experiences for me, I think as I was prepared for what I was going to go through I felt more prepared and not so scared as the first time, so I seemed to recover and get through it all so much better. Ofcourse everyone is different, but I can tell you I'm not one that can cope with any sort of pain etc but I went okay, my 2nd C-S was probably my best I was on a high after having that one hardly felt like I had an operation it was great, my last which I just had last October was okay too but I did have a few problems and had to stay in recovery just that bit longer as I reacted to the spinal block, think they gave me too much as this happened with my 1st also. But other than that all was good and recovered well. I'm now planning on trying for a 4th baby so that will be another C-Section and I'm not worried at all about having another operation.
Goodluck and I'm sure you will be fine.

I have had 1 emergency CS and 1 elective. The elective one was fantastic and I can highly recommend it! I was out of bed on the same day and had very little pain with both.

The only thing I was unprepared for was I could still feel my Doc pulling my skin back and tugging at my skin. i ws nder the impression that I would not feel anything. Though, as fantastic as my Doc is he isnt known for his tenderness!!! It was beautiful to see bubs being lifted out, there was little crying and he was sooo healthy. Dh is a bit of a wimp with blood so we had to cover me up completely, i wanted to see him come out a tthe exact moment it happened, but I had to wait until they bought him up over the screen (!!!). My emtional moment was while I was waiting on the bed, dressed up for surgery, ready to go in. this is when the tears flowed. By the time they wheeled me in I was sobbing. Recovery was fine, no pain DH kindly called me as his Tellitubbie (nice) but otherwise everything was fine. good luck, do your research watch a c section on dvd if you can. I did and this helped soooo much.

I had an elective with my daughter (now 17 months) and it was the best experience of my life. I felt so calm and in control of everything. The only problem i had was they gave me too much for my my hands were numb too! I could only just feel my daughter when they placed her in my arms.... It felt like i had been sleeping on them!
I was up and walking the next day, and making small car trips after 4 weeks.
I am booked in for my second elective on the 19th December, and cannot wait. This one will be harder as i won't be able to pick my daughter up for 6 weeks... that will be tough, as she is so clingy right now!!
All the best with everything! Just remember, dont try to do too much, too fast. They will want you out of the bed by the next day. Even if you just do a lap around the bed every hour, that is enough... no need for a marathon!

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Hi Star24

I had an elective cs for my DD who is now 14 months old.

I was very apprehensive the night before as I dont like hospitals and I was scared about the spinal block as alot of people (all whom had not had one) were giving me their opinions and bad experiences on them.

It is overwhelming been wheeled into the operating room and getting the spinal block did hurt a little,although no where near as much as I had anticipated, so that was good.

All you need to focus on is the end result which is having that precious little bundle been placed in your arms, regardless of whether it arrives naturally or via a c-section.

The first day you dont feel any pain as you are hooked upto a morphine drip plus they gave me other drugs like panadol etc.

The next morning, I got up and had a shower. Yes, it did hurt but just breath your way through it, it will all be ok.

Make sure you get up as soon as you are able (usually the 2nd day) and go for slow short walks up & down the corridor. The more you do, the quicker you will get back to normal as you are stretching the muscles and not letting them get stiff.

I had no problems and from about day 3, I was slowing doing most of what I did before.

When you get home, you just need to modify a few things like hanging out the washing as stretching up hurts for a few weeks and driving but I'm sure I was driving after about 2 weeks.

Most importantly though, just enjoy the experience!! Good luck, you will do great.


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