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miss you denae!!! Lock Rss

denae has left sad
just wanted to tell you how much i adore you denae for if you pop in again. always have, always will!!!!

thanks for the last year of fabulous conversation

love elly

Post deleted by administrator.

What happened? Did I miss something?

OMG where has Denae gone? I was only on here last night, what have I missed?? Can someone fill us in what has happened.

She just changed her name didnt she?
No, Im wrong. She has gone, I wonder what happened?
I just read on another thread that she was sick of people being mean to her and she didn't know what she had done to deserve it. I am not into the nastiness that goes on and it is a shame that people find it so easy to criticise others. I don't think she was enjoying Huggies any more.

I have never entered into some of the controversial topics as they are better left alone, - and I am a bit soft-hearted! I don't think I could handle it if someone attacked me!

Oh, No!!!!
If you are reading this Denae - Wishing you and your husband 2 be all the very best on your special day... Hope everything runs smoothly.
Good luc in TTC another baby brother or sister for your little man Coen too.
Hope to see you on the forum again.

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

Hey Louise yeah that is a shame that actually happens on here as there are so many lovely members and its a shame to see them go just because of some nasty ones that are only here to hurt people.
I'm the same as you never get involved in those controversial topics.
Anyway I really do hope Denae can come back as she is so lovely and I'm sure lots of us will miss her.

Well that is just plain wrong!! I hadnt realised that she had come under attack. I hope you are ok Denae xo
Wow what happened???
Denae dont let them win chickee come back and play.

Remember me? our paths crossed about 3 months ago on this site via a couple of pm's regarding another issue.

You were supportive of me then as I were you in regards to how you handled that particular situation.

You struck me as a very forthright individual who would let nothing and no-one put her down.

I am sad to see you have left. Please please reconsider.

You could always be like a lot of us 'oldies' and just sit back and read the posts rather than be so involved. It does save a lot of heartache in the end.

Please Please reconsider - I love reading your posts.

Pretty Please with sugar on top will you reconsider.
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