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This is an old wives tale that WORKS! Get some baby Vicks and put it on the soles of her feet and put some socks on. Works an absolute treat!
i was gonna say that too. and you can do it any time of the day. also i know its hard but try to get alot of it out before bed time.

I feel for you i really do, my DD went through the same thing when she was around 3 months old. I went to my local chemist and bought a vapouriser (sp?) and i let it run all through the day with a lil eucalyptus oil in it. You can also buy a blend of eucalyptus and lavender which is done buy vicks i think. Check with your chemist as this was where i got mine from. Helps unclog their noses.

Also before bed give them a nice warm bath or even take them in the bath with you. Leave the bathroom fan off so they get the steam. They tell you for babies that are really clogged up and get weasy to stand in the bathroom with no fan on and let the hot shower run (obviously dont put the children in it) but the steam helps unblock their noses.

If it think of anything else i will get back to ya:d

good luck!


PS. the vapouriser is a TAAV one that i bought and i only paid $40. worth the investment i think, it even helps my DH sleep (men can be so grumpy when they are sick lol)

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Hi Chicky,
How are things going?? Sounds like things are a bit
[email protected]??? You poor bugger must be from ALL the rain that
your getting and us its sunny here again YEAH.
Might take Liam for a walk after I get dressed.
CAnt be bothered today, nothing on tv eather...
Liam's being cute checking out his hands and going
ah, ah, ah sounds sooo cute, wish Matt was here to hear
it IYKWIM!!! Yeah I did the oil burner thing when
he had a bit of a cough, not much else you can do, oh you
can try the vicks on the feet thing I didnt though.
Sorry not really talking about the topic. I joined zoo
weekly last night and gave you 5 stars!!!

Whats that product that Kathleen from Hi5 advertises. Its meant for stuffy little noses and you just plug it into a power point.
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Yes im Cheeks!!!!
What happened to your pics on here?? Or is it just my screen??? Typical male to do that, thought he would have
stayed in bed!! Matt would have LOL
Im sooooooo bored my friend has gone away for the
weekend I guess when MIL gets here i will b thinking
god i wish i was alone???
She's not that bad I guess. When Liam was really little
she stayed for a week, you know what there like
" Oh he must be hungry" Im sooooo sick of people saying
that even my mum was saying that 2.

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I used to get told thar Luke was to skinny I feed him up and he eats heaps ....then my CHN told me that I am on my way to having an obese child lol lol ...he is happy that is all that matters to me lol lol (oh an dhe is healthy to lol lol )

my mother and father in law are up in arms caue I wont circumsise him .........every body has an opinion on what you should do adn how to act mum tell me that I dont play with Luke the right way WTF!!!!! she ever played with us GGGGGRRRRR
The nasal spray is great! If you can';t get to the chemist then just use luke warm water with a little bit of salt in it. The Fess is better because it comes with a sucker that you suck the snot out with, but all it is is salt water.

It has given me many hours of sleep!!!

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