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maybe a little stomach bug. Is she upset?

2 baby boyz!

it maybe sounds like gastro.. keep an eye on her.. has she had funny poos.

my nephew and niece had it last week..

Poor little one- it is so nasty being sick. I hope she feels better soon.

My little girls often vomit when they have a snotty nose - because of all the muck running down their throats into their tummies- is it mucous like? Try elevating her head a little- to help the snot come out of her nose rather than down her throat.

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Mia, Charlotte had the same thing last week. When she would get really stuffed up and upset, we'd take her into the bathroom, shut the door, and turn on the hot tap in the shower so that the room filled with steam. It helps break down the mucous in their noses and chests, which makes it easier for them to cough it up. We have had to teach Charlotte how to spit when she coughs too, instead of swallowing it. She still doesn't blow her nose properly though, she thinks it sounds painful.
I hope your little one is feeling better soon, and that you manage to get some sleep today....

my toddler throws up phlem when hes been realy snotty if her temp is ok i wouldnt worry too much, check her poo's if they are runny and have that sick smell about them then it could be gastro, its been going around. just keep an eye on her temp and keep her fluids up, dont stress if she wont eat and try to keep out dairy just in case its gastro.
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Mia luv,

Go and get some saline nasal drops. It will clear up bubs nose. It sounds like the running snot down the back of her throat is wat makes her puke. this should have her feeling better soon.

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