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Talipes! Lock Rss

My 15 month old was born with left talipes and i was wnating to know if there were any other mums out there that have been through the same thing!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

hi tmestar,
my son jordan has bilateral talipies and has problems with his feet since birth. jordan has had splints or afo ( dont ask me what it means) since birth and has helped his feet and balance greatly. every now and then we have problems on wating to get new afo but apart from that he's general fine. if u would lilke to know ne thing else dont hesitate to buzz me back
Hi there

My daughter was born with talipes on both feet. They said it was she was so crammed up inside and the cord had twisted around her feet pretty much tying them together. She had full leg plasters for about the first 4 weeks. Then then went to taping her ankles. The right was worse then the left. From there they left the left one and put a half splint on the right although that caused her discomfort so I left it off. Naughty of me but it actually bruised her foot. We then left it for about 4 weeks. Now she has a removal splint on the right foot which stays on for a few hours then off for a few hours. teh left foot is now perfect, the right better but when she is cold or upset it still turns in. They first said all would be perfect by 6 to 8 weeks, she is now 14 weeks old. Im hoping another 2 weeks of the splint and all will be okay. Apparently it is quite common. It depends on whether its just the muscles and tendons that have turned in and grown inward or the bone. If its the bone they have to break the feet and reset. Luckily it was just the tendons in our case.

Goodluck with everything.

Emma with 10monthold daughter Mollie

My 5 week old son was born with his right foot turned in. Luckily its just thr tendon & not muscule. He has been seeing the physio since birth & has had his foot strapped straight every week. we may have to put him in the boot. My partner was born with a very bad case of club feet, he was operated on 3 times from before he started crawling till 9 yrs old. He is fine now but had 2 large scars up his legs. The doctor says it cant be passes down threw the familyn& it was just the way our bub was positioned inside me. Our sons case is only mild so im trying to remain positive. Apparently it is very common.
Sorry i ment to say its not the tenden. Its the muscle
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