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I have to fly to Brisbane in Nov. My tickets will be about $400 return. My DS turns 2 in Sept and therefore I have to pay his fare. My DH tells me to say he is under 2 as the airlines dont check. I feel bad even thinking this, but paying for DS's fare is the only reason that is making me cancel my trip. What would you do or have anyone distorted the truth and got away with it?
They will no doubt ask for some ID - birth certificate possibly if they doubt his age..

THEY DO CHECK. I had this happen to me. My ds was 2 days over and it was a nightmare. dont do it to yourself.

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i would probably lie, dont like to admit that though. but also knowing my luck they would check and i'd be busted!

i dont know who your flying with but i recently flew with virgin and it said on the website that you need your child/infants birth certificate cos they may ask for proof of age. i forgot mine but wasn't too stressed cos zoe's only 7 months so not really close to 2. but you never know when they'd check i guess.
First of all I would tell the white lie to save a little money on admission tickets!!

Unfortunately you can't with airline tickets, they want to see proof of age for any child that is under 2 and not paying for a ticket. They also demand that if your child turns 2 while on holidays that you pay for a return airline ticket. It sucks but unfortunately they will check - no way around it.

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ring up and enquire as to if your child is under 2 would they require proof of age such as a birth certificate and if not then I think to save myself the money which I would not have either then I reckon I would more than likely mislead the airline.
Hey if they arent going to check then too bad and if my child looks under that age....

I recently went to Sydney and by law they are supposed to check the birth certificate regardless of age,I had to present my 4yo b.c to prove he was mine I suppose! On the way down they didn't ask at Maroochydore airport but on the way back they did at Sydney airport.

I fly with qantas and have taken DS before. The first time we flew I rang them and asked if they needed a BC and they said no.
when i flew to canberra 2 weeks ago they didn't check anything, and lucky cos i forgot her birth certificate. so for all they knew i'd been kidnapping her!
Dont risk it!!!!!!

You are supposed to show ID some except medicare card but most ask for birth certificate/passport.

If you get busted you will have to pay for a ticket, if there is no spares you will loose your seat. If their is spares no doubt they will be very expensive seats left and also they may not be able to seat you together!!!


By the way if you buy him a seat book the car seat on and that way he can sit in his car seat on the plane it makes the trip so much easier as they dont try to move.



When I have flown with my girls from Rockhampton to Brisbane etc- they have only ever asked for my medicare card to prove that they are my children- no birth certificates. If you don't have to produce a birth certificate- I say go for it and save yourself the money.
Hey there, I have flown with DS aged 6 months and again at 10 months, once with Virgin and once with Jetstar and both asked for birth certificate for all trips that was Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin airports.

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