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Just wondering if anyones bubs has "blocked tear ducts"? My son had had them since birth and i think we are going to have to have a small operation to fix them...( he is know almost 16months!)
Just wondering if anyone had already had the operation?

2 baby boyz!

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Connor had this when he was little. His cleared up by itself. We just had to massage in beside his eye to help it clear. But we were told that if it didnt clear he would need to get it fixed. From what i understood it is a pretty easy process.
Good Luck.

oh wow!!! Do you eyes still get watery??
It just really hit me today cause he was at school and i was taking photos and now i am looking at them and his eyes are all teary!! Poor bugger

The operation is fairly basic but still an operation!

2 baby boyz!

Oh sorry! I didnt realise it was so common...

How is probing of the tear
ducts performed?
A thin, blunt metal wire is gently passed
through the tear drainage system to
open the obstruction. Fluid is then
irrigated through the system into the
nose to ensure that the pathway is
open. Infants experience no pain after
the probing but some blood staining of
the tears or nasal secretion is common
and a discharge from the eye may be
present for several days. Antibiotics
may be prescribed. Obstruction can
recur and additional procedures may be
Probing is successful in ninety percent
of cases. Other treatments are
possible for babies where probing
is unsuccessful.

The above is fromt he eye hospital web page!

2 baby boyz!

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