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  5. I really feel like a can of coke :)

I really feel like a can of coke :) Rss

I really feel like a can of coke but dunno if i should have one LOL.

How much caffeine (sp) is it ok to have when preggy? I am only 5 wks.

I have had a 2 cups of tea today but thats about it smile in the way of caffeine.
OMG Jaz mummy - congrats I didn't know you were preggers! Sorry don;t know about the caffeine thing but maybe just have a small glass if you want it BAD.

Yay JM!!!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Congratulations!! Not sure about the caffeine. Great pictures by the way
Jaz mummy I drank coke with Tys full strength stuff and diet coke with Moo the whole pregnancy. Mind you I dont drink tea or coffee. If you really want a glass of coke go for it. Nothing worse then wanting somethign sooooooooooooo bad and not having it or not being allowed it.
Thanks for the congrats girls smile] . I might just have a swig out of the can LOL.
I reckon your fine to go ahead and have a can of coke. Im 11 weeks preggers too and also watch my caffeine intake. I would have that can of coke but no more caffeine today. Up to you! "you cant beat the feeling!"

OK, I looked this up when I was preggy as I craved coke bad. The amount of caffeine in coke, you would need 8 cans per day to go over the limit! So go crazy!!
I had low potassium levels & hyperemesis when pregnant and cos I couldnt swallow the horse tablets they gave me to boost my potassium levels the doctor made me eat bananas and coke everyday! Seems its high in potassium so if a doc made me drink it, it cant harm you that bad!
WOW really? Well i wont be needing that many LOL. I read somewhere you are allowed 300mg of caffeine a day to be on the safe side BUT i have no idea how much caffeine is in a can KWIM?
Hey Jaz mummy I think it should be fine. I cut back on coke when I was preggers (love the stuff!), but still had the odd can here and there. As long as you don't go skulling a 2 litre bottle Im sure you will be ok!!

I can't remember if I said congrats or not..So big congrats to you!!
Thanks Mel smile] . Your lil man looks like he is growing up soo fast! He looks so relaxed on the lounge too cute.
Yeah he is! It is amazing how quick they grow up.
Jaz looks so cheeky! I love that first one where she is tiliting her head and smiling very cheekily! Such a cutie. smile
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