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Photobook Lock Rss

my snapfish photobook just arrived and i am sooooo happy with it!!! i made it as kind of a storybook for my DD with photos of her with all of her family and she was so excited when i read it to her.

just wanted to say a big thankyou to the girls who put the link up for us, its really made my day!!

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I am waiting for mine too.
I ordered it on the 27th and it was posted on the 30th.

ummmm im pretty sure i ordered it on thursday smile

i spose it would take longer for different states too. im in victoria. its worth the wait, im so in love with mine!!!

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it looks different than i imagined.

i wish i could go back and do every photo full page sized though, they are nice and clear and it would cost heaps to get your photos blown up to that size at a photo place.

no problems for yhe link girls glad you enjoyed it.

im in central vic and my first book came quite quickly but he other 3 have taken just over a week.
oh im still waiting for mine, it said it was completed and shipped on the 27th but i still dont have it, and i cant wait!!

i have seen a friends from works and hers look great. i still have one more to order i might do that this arvo
just a quick question, those who have got theres, how were they delivered, did they come in your letter box or did an auspost courier deliver it? i have both a street address and a post box and im not sure where it will end up going to, somethimes they just put stuff for our street address straight into the post box
Mine was in the letterbox.
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B, i got one of those thing to pick it up from the post office, so had i been home i think it would have been delivered by a courier.

let me know if the code still works, i dont know when it expires but i'm thinking probably at the end of this month, which is today.
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