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Does anyone not get along with their own mother?

I unfortunely have never been close to my mother I have tried but she is so hard to talk to and she is such a negative person I can't be around her for long as I just feel really sad!

And she did a really horrible thing to me when I was in hospital, I talk to her now but I could never forgive her for what she did to me!

I hope I am not alone


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I dont have a bad relationship with my mother, but that sounds exactly like the relationship I have with my mother in law. I know its not the same thing, but it still really hurts when they are horrible to you.

She took back her blessing for our marriage on my wedding day and stopped talking to me altogether until we told her i was pregnant, then i was worthy of being spoken to like a human being again. Even now she hardly says two words to me, she's only interested in my son and my husband expects me to leave my child with her to babysit when my mother isn't available just because she's his mother. He doesn't see it at all.

I don't forgive her for ruining my wedding day, she caused a really big fight between me and my hubby and still does now. Sometimes its better to just leave those kind of relationships alone and i know its hard being your own mum, and i know i don't know what she did, but she'll realise soon enough that she's missing out on being a grandparent to a beautiful baby.


I have a pretty bad relationship with my mother too. She has always been a selfish person and doesn't care about anyone at all but herself, she is only interested in talking to me now beacuse of my daughter and even then tells me how bad of a job i'm doing because im using disposable nappies, dummies, not breastfeeding anymore (not my choice).
I choose to ignore the comment now but i have learnt the things i will and will not say and do to my daughter from my mother so i guess it was a good lesson not getting along with her, she showed my what NOT to be like!
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I dont get along with my mother. She left me and my father when i was 3 and never came back into our lives until i was 18. Now she has a grandaughter she wants to be in our lives. We have been speaking on the phone and writing letters but it just isnt like a normal mother and daughter relationship. I just dont think we have that bond. Dont get me wrong i love her and want things to work out simply cause she is my mum but its just not the same cause she was never around.

I dont speak to my mother much, she lives in Tassie now, has been there for 7 years, I have never been there. She had major problems as a child that I suppose has made her into the person she is today. I have an 18yo and 16yo she has probably seen them maybe 8 times in their whole life and that was when she was living in WA. She never came to visit and we never went there because she couldnt stand the kids, they were too noisy, too messy etc. She loves them but not like I would think a normal grandmother would.
When I was pregnant with my first I had been married for 5 years and it was her first grandchild, the first thing she said to me when I told her was "dont ask me to babysit" she then moved 4 hrs away from me a couple of months before she was born. When I told her I was pregnant with dd she said "oh, cant you doooo something about that?" I said "why would I want to" she goes "oh, do you want it?". It is a big joke in our family that everytime me or my sister has a baby mum moves further away, she must think tassie is far enough because she didnt move for the last one haha. She is nice and kind of supportive in her own way, but from a distance.

Ive got a weird Mother Daughter relationship happening too!!

Dont feel alone just try extra hard not to make the same mistakes with your kids!!


I get along ok with my mum (but didn't for years). But she drives me up the wall.. always giving unwanted advice (like every single time I speak to her) and then when she comes to visit she give us 'relationship' advice. My sister tells me thats just her and I have to put up with it (my sister gets along great with mum)...but I figure seeing as I live in a different country I don't actually have don't bother calling her much.

She acutally tried to encourage me to give up BF early so DS could come visit...and now she keeps pestering us to let him come stay...i mean come one! Its another bloody country. She doesnt get that a. he can't fly on his own
b. if he doesnt like it I just can't come get him
c. we prob wont let him go till hes 6 or 7 anyway. SHe just doesnt let it go.

She also asked with both my pregancies if they were accidents? W T F. DH and I had been together 7 years before we got pregnant?

On the other side of things..My MIL is awesome, couldn't ask for better.
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I dont know if i would say i have a bad relationship with my mum but she surely drives me crazy sometimes. I try and teach dd right from wrong and somehow my mum thinks that because I say NO to MY DD that gives her the right to constantly tell my dd what she can and cant do. It drives me up the wall! Is this normal grandmother behaviour? It is getting to the point where i think i am going to have to say something!!! 6 months after i had dd she also came out with this comment 'you really need to lose those last few kg's' W T F???? I only had 3 say 4 kilo's max to lose and i was never that big to begin with. It seems that there is lots of little things she does that irritate me. I guess thats just her. I cant hate her for it but it sure does drive me bonkers.
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