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excitement on my street!! Rss

OMG! I finally had some excitement on my street! I was up stair folding all my clothes and singing away to Madonna when I hear screeching tyres and then bang! Raced out side thinking OMG somebody has hit another car or somebody walking past and seen this idiot had lost control and his car was half up on the footpath and his front spoiler half hanging off his car! I don't think it was his car, it looked like a company car or something. So I went down stair, hands on hips and got up this lad! He got the s***s and drove away. Aah stuff him, shouldn't off such a idiot. Our street is fairly busy, so he was lucky he never killed anybody. Thought i'd share this with everybody. I had to tell somebody!
hahah cool, good on ya you told him!!
wow thats exciting!! idiot driver!

not long after we moved into our st DP came home and asked y there was all helicopters and police in our st lol stupid was unaware of allthe excitement!!

turns out a 1year old or sumthing(cant member age) died in the family car out the back of their house sad
loving it that would be terrible and scary to live near id move im a wimp but.nothing ever happens on my street its a very quiet cul de sac : (
[Edited on 01/09/2007]

uit was pretty sad sad but wat i still dont get is they sed the bubs woulda been in the car for minimum of 2hours b4 she passed- and the parents thought she was up stairs playing. in 2 hours why on earth wouldnt of u checked onher at least once! even if she was with brothers or sisters u'd still check on her?!

oh well wat can ya do? poor lil bub and family sad
I think I remember seeing that on the news Jen, was it the little girl that was from a family of like 5 kids or something and the mum had left the back hatch open while getting the groceries out.

She closed it when she was finished without realising that the little girl had climbed in there. I would never be able to forgive myself.
yeah thats the one sad

oh and they still have the car- if that were me id have to get rid of it
[Edited on 01/09/2007]
OMG, how could you keep the car?? I would have to get rid of it.
i know i sed to DP wen i saw it still there like 3months after it happened OMG how can they keep that car? he was like- maybe they cant afford anutha one? i sed they have 2 seriously how can they keep it id rather have no car then keep the one my lil bubs passed in
Same, I reckon I'd rather walk.
hope you gave him the "pinky"

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

That poor little baby! I can't believe they kept the car.
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