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Heart murmurs in kids Lock Rss

Hi all,

Sue here again. Thanks for all the responses to the Strep B infection post. There has been a delay with the editor in writing that piece. But hey, that's the publishing world.

I am currently writing a feature article on heart murmurs in children. This article will be published in Practical Parenting magazine. These are apparently very common, particularly innocent murmurs and are heard by your doctor via stethoscope as unusual sounds.

Our article will cover what causes them, are they all dangerous, how they are diagnosed and treated.

I wonder if anyone has a story to share about this experience with their bub. I won't publish any information unless I contact you privately and you expressly agree to it.

As always, I write these articles to inform mums and alleviate the fears that go with being a parent.

Take care all,

Hi Sue,

I am not certain that what I am able to share with you is exactly pertinent to your article but I figured that I would offer it none-the-less.

I have an (almost) 12mth old daughter. I also have a prolapsed mitral valve which is an inherited condition from my mother.

Obviously I have concerns that I might have passed it on to my daughter - I was told while pregnant and since she was born that if she has inherited the condition it is not only possible but likely that they will not pick it up until she is a teenager.

My condition was picked up due to a heart murmer when I was a young child (I am not certain of my age) but it was not actually diagnosed until I was around 10 or 11 years old.

I guess, my point is that sometimes these things are not obvious in babies and apparently the absence of something like a heart murmer doesn't always mean that it wont be picked up a little bit down the track.

Anyways, like I said, it may or may not be the sort of "story" you were looking for but perhaps it may contribute something.

When my now nine month old son was born they picked up a murmur when he was an hour old. He spent the first week of his life in Special care although there appeared to be nothing wrong. We went to the RCH and they ran a large variety of tests. They found there was definetly a murmur but could not work out why. 6 weeks later it was gone. They decided it was that my sons heart just took a little longer to adjust to beating on its own but it was a scary first week.

Tarin, vic, Mitch aged 4, Noah aged 2

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