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Hi. I have posted here once before and you were all so helpful. Thanks!!
My DH and I cannot decide where to live. We currently live in a capital city and are thinking of moving to a regional centre(Pop Approx. 120,000) My DH would earn less money but we could afford to buy a house on one income and the cost of living is so much less. There are good schools there that cost a third of good schools here in the city.
However we love the city and everything it has to offer. My main concern is for my children. I grew up in a regional centre and feel that this lifestyle may be better for children as kids in the city seem to grow up so quickly. My cousins little girl is only 8 but lives in the city and already wears a kids bra, lipgloss and goes to rock concerts.
I want my children to be children as long as possible!!! My husband says its all about the parenting not where you live. What do you all think? Thanks for any replies.

I think it still does come down to the parenting - but you parent with what you've got available don't you. So people in the city may do things different to country folk - but who's to say which is better??

To me a regional centre with over 100,000 is still a pretty big place and i'm sure they would have everything you need and want there. I come from a town with about 15,000 and we still had most things. Cost of living would be cheaper - and of course it wouldn't take as long to get anywhere, so I guess you could make the most of maybe doing more things with the kids??

Do you know people in the new town and that will help make the transition smoother? We found that as we had friends already in the last town we lived, it was easier to settle in. Where we are now we don't know anyone - but it's such a pretty coastal town that we love it anyway.

I agree some children do tend to grow up so much quicker, and it's a bit scary!!!! Good luck with your decision, i'm sure you'll make the best one for your family!

Wow- a regional centre with 120,000 people- I live in a town with about 3,500 people,lol.

No matter where you live you will be presented with issues as your children grow up- sex, drugs etc. That is where you parenting steps in and helps hopefully lead your children in the right direction.

Having said that- the country is a great place to raise kids. I was raised in the country and loved it- even though it meant sometimes i missed out on what the other kids got to do- I did things and had a freedom that they could only imagine.

Where is this town you are thinking of moving to?
hi! i moved back to my home town from the city (i awlways said i would never move back) population about the same as what you are thinking of-and have not regreted it. The lifestyle is so much easier things are closer and sometimes i think people are friendlier than those in the city (no offence city people)

shopping is not as good though-not many clothes shops! i do have family and friends which made it easier.
I personally don't think I could ever live in the city.
Its ok to visit, but thats about it.

I love where we live as we are about 30min from Big shopping places and about 1.5hr from Sydney. So we can go to the big places fairly easily, but live in the nice quiet area.
My parents live about 15min from us and that where I grew up. They own 42 acres of mainly bush and its so nice.
My sister & I had the best time growing up. We rode little Pee-wee (motorbikes) and lots of animals and built many cubby houses in the bush.

So my preference is definetly Country!

i lived in both places when i grow up.
i loved living in the big city for 11yrs, but now i have have children of my own annd have been living in a country town for 4yrs and wouldn't change it for anything.
we have nearly everything a city does, and what we dont have we can drive 2 to 3 hours to the closest city if need be.
yes it is all about the parenting but were you live offers different things and you do the best you can with what you have.
we could never affored to buy a house in the city were we are looking to buy here in the next 1 months and the prices are a big difference.
4 bedroomhouse in mackay were 600,000 or higher
now we are looking at 4bedrooms where we live now and its 385,000 to 675,000 depending on land size and other special fetures.
good luck with your descion

ali = )

I moved to the country when i was 10 and ive stayed ever since, In the country your cost of living is less, you are closer to your family, sport and things are closer, i must admit i do feel safer, I probably had alot more freedoms in the country compared to the city.

Our town has about 15000 and we have most things is could want and what we dont have is usually in the next town,

I dont know if your kids will stay 'younger' for longer but there are less influences (cause there are less people)

but you are going to a pretty big regional centre, it is probably a halfway area i guess you could say
kallans mummy, are you in SA? in the town that the horse statue is on the foreshore?
Oh shoot - I dunno? But I know we got real horses (and carts, oh and little penguins) on the foreshore? Did that give it away, lol - we're south of the city now.
Grew up same town as M&B Mummy - known B for years, then went to Pirie but wanted to get away for the lead.
Moved here in July.

haha... Makybe Diva statue I'm talking about, but yep, got where you are...

McCracken nearby?
You know, I was just doing my hair, thinking if I wasn't in my pink monkey jammie pants still i'd go for a drive and checkout the foreshore - and then it clicked, DUH!!!

Actually, it's only about 200 metres away - DF is the manager there. Same company owned the one in Pirie so we got a transfer. Yay, a 3 bedroom house and yard, out of the tiny little flat at the back of a restaurant.

Ahh yep, my aunty & uncle have a house right near the 13th hole - overlooking it actually!!

Nice joint, we love coming there for a holiday!!
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