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Gift suggestion - First Holy Communion Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

We have been invited to a friends daughters First Holy Communion and I do not know what sort of present to get her. We are not Catholic so I have never been to one before.

Any gift suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


2 cutie kids!

Try your local Christian gift shops they usually have a lot of ideas for 1st communions.
Some that come to mind, Bibles, necklaces with cross, teddies with 1st communion printed on them, any christian book is suitable also
Happy shopping smile

mum to 5

As you are not Catholic so might not understand some things in the christian shop why do't you buy her a journal or a scrapbooking albumn for her to make a momento of the day. She could get all her guests to write a message in it, and add some photos.
A photo frame is also a great idea
Please don't buy a toy or give money. It is not really supposed to be a present receiving situation

Tarin, vic, Mitch aged 4, Noah aged 2

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