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Spelling and Grammar Rss

Please please don't make this thread into something nasty, because it is a real concern for me.
I got an email from my cousin today, who is 16. I couldn't get over the number of spelling and grammar mistakes she had made! I have noticed over the past few years, that the importance of spelling and grammar has diminished a lot. When I was at school (I graduated in 1999), if you had spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your assignments etc, you got marked down for it. My cousin is a very smart girl, and gets really good grades, so I can't understand how her writing can be so bad! Is it that schools don't really care about it anymore, as long as the subject is learnt? I'm not trying to discriminate against generation Y, why it seems that there isn't as much emphasis on the subject as I would have thought. I have even had emails and letters from lawyers and real estate agents in the past few months (selling property) that have had errors in them. It really gets my goat sometimes.
This isn't intended on offending anyone, and I realise that there have been some really nasty threads in the past year about spelling and stuff in posts, and this isn't about that. I really do want to hear from others about what they think.
Thanks guys.

I am wondering how old the teachers are? And perhaps they never really learnt to spell either. Thinking about it, a lot of people younger than me (I'm not THAT old either), have shocking spelling and grammar, and the teachers are 23-24 ish (not even), so maybe they were in the generation that started to let it slip, so therefore don't even know they're completely ballsing it up!
True Kettle. Being 25 myself, it makes me wonder where it all started. I know some people my age have a lot of trouble, but I myself didn't because the school I went to was really strict about that sort of thing. It was a public school too. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It is so true Katey. The school my sister went to, didnt even test spelling!! We always had a spelling test first thing Monday morning. It just doesnt seem important anymore. I find it so frustrating at times. Even the way some teenagers talk, its as if it is all in text iykwim?
LOL, that is the bit that frustrates me the most. Text as a second language!!!
Even my brother, who is 27 years old, uses text language in his everyday emails. It drives me crazy! I don't want to read things like sumthing (something) or dat (that), honestley, half the time there is only one letter less in the 'shorter' word. Wouldn't it be easier to just use the correct word? I notice that a lot of the younger people use it, so I suppose it is one of those things that makes you look 'cool'. Like a new brand of slang!

Are you a spelling nazi like me???????

Spelling errors drive me nuts especially the most obvious.
I just need to stare at the paragraph and an error just jumps out from the page.

Maybe it depends on the school as to whether they test spelling, my kids are tested every week.

And when the American spelling is used. AAARRGHHHHHHHH TV Week magazine used to be the worst for this. Do they still do this?

Hey Katey, do you know Leda Primary School in Kwinana. At the entrance to the school where they have the school name they had a sign up saying SPECIAL LEARNING CENTER W T F

Now that said I must check my spelling, ten fold.


You should hear some of the girls who work in the Safeway Deli or Baker's Delight near me...."Would you like anythink else?" Arrrrrgggggggg it's has a 'G' on the end not a flippin' 'K'.
moving on a bit...
my sister had the most shocking writing ever!
It is so hard to read and at school she never got picked up on it. I was always told to write neat and still do.
i went through her old books and her writing has not changed since year 3!!! im not joking...
Her spelling isn't that great either...
A while a go she asked me what a word was "whats a disco-verry?" i looked at it "a discovery" what have they been teaching her? Shes only 18 months younger than me.
i dropped out at school in year 9 and she went to year 11.
Remember no one is PREFECT! lol
sw88, I realise that noone is perfect. And I understand that there are conditions that cause errors like ADHD and Dyslexia (I actually don't know if that's how you spell it, lol). I'm not being mean and nasty, but it is concerning that we seem to be evolving into not caring about spelling and grammar anymore.
Jay, LOL at that school. I'm not suprised though!

Oh, and Sarah, another one that gets me is 'ask' it's a s k, not aks!

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