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Ok Guys just warning you first that this is a really sad story so if you dont want to know you should stop here !!! This is also to do with pregnancy/giving birth so if you are pregnant dont read !!!!!!

A good friend of mine was due with her first last Saturday but she went into natural labour 2 days before her due date. Her waters broke 3 hours after she went into labour and awhile after that she went up to the hospital she was giving birth at. As they are a small country hospital they arnt equipped to deal with anything other than the average, low risk labour so because she wasnt dialating properly and wanted an epidural they sent her to Box Hill (Melbourne) Hospital.
She was still in labour 24 hours after it started and her family were begging the doctors to give her a c-section as it was getting hard, of course they wouldnt do it !!

The baby ended up being born 32 hours after she first went into labour and 30 hours after her waters broke.
The baby took one breath and then stopped breathing straight away, the doctors and nurses worked on her for over 30 mins but she couldnt be saved.

There is now a police investigation as they got the autopsy results back last Monday, the baby suffocated as a result of the labour being too long and stressful.
Im sorry if i sound so matter of fact about it all,i have been crying all week and have just now gotten to the point where i am ANGRY !!!!!!!

If anyone you know is going to Box Hill to give birth, please dont let them !!!!

RIP Summer

Thanks for listening, Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Im so sorry for your friend, that is such an awful situation.

What was their reason for not doing a caesarean? The monitoring should have picked up she was in distress.


that is just horrible !!

best wishes for your freind and to you !!!
im sorry for your close friend and there families this was a very sad post to read... hugs all round

I hope that some justice comes 4 your friend sake not that it will help in some ways

best wishes xxx

im terribly sorry to hear about what happened to your friend.

its such a sad story and yes, im pregnant, and i know you said not to read it but i dont listen to instructions well.

i hope that some justice is served if it has been an error on the hospitals part.

Oh that is so sad. They let me go 46 hrs so I guess I was
just lucky>
I wouldnt even wish that on anyone even my worst enemy ( sp )
OMG its just not fair to happen especially it being her
first and all.. I hope you can help her through this
tough time.

Danielle and Liam xoxo

That isn't fair!!

My thoughts are with your friend, I hope that she can find the strength to make it through this trying time.
No that is not fair at all. Im so sorry but im very angry that this has happened. They should have listened to the family and that baby would proberbly still alive.

Our children are our most precious things and it should be treated like that.
That would be so awful and heartbreaking especialy knowing it could have proberbly bean avoided.

My labour was nowhere near as long and to be honest another few minutes pushing and i dont think i could have done it.

oh that is so awful! That poor family, to lose a perfectly healthy baby simply because the hospital weren't willing to do a caesar.

And how absolutely heartbreaking for the woman to go through all that pain and stress of labour, only to lose her baby for no good reason sad

You're right, that is absolutely unfair. If that happened to me I don't think I could ever recover from the grief and anger.
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Oh Sarah im really so sorry to hear that,

But please make sure your friend pushes this so that there is a coroners inquest about this, especially if she and the family were begging for a section. Blame needs to be laid and with and inquest it will be fully investigated and step will be taken to help ensure it doesnt happen again.

Dont feel bad about feeling angry, it is all apart of grieving, in time you will come to peace as will your friend but it may take a while.

but please please please make sure that this goes to an inquest, get your friend to push it as hard as she can, and get her to do it now before it is too late
I am truly sorry to hear this.

My prayers are with you and your friend.
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