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any New Zealands out there Rss

My name is Roddena and I am 23 and living in Auckland.
I am due in January with my first child, which is a boy. Am free to chat and would really really love any information anyone can offer eg. labour etc. I'm not so scared about once he arrives as I have alot of childcare experience... but the pregnancy is definitely a new thing for me.


Hi ladies,
Sorry to but in but I am an Aussie madly in LOVE!!! with a Kiwi. So I would like to chat to any of you . I am 27 with a 15 month old and one due in 7 weeks. My partner is from New Plymouth with all his family still living there and I love keeping that contact so my children know where their daddy comes from.I travelled over to N.Z for the first time in Feb 2003 and if it was not for my mother I would not of come home( Fell in love straight away). S please feel fre to E-Mail me at
Hope tohear from some of you soon.
From a Kiwi lovin Aussie

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hey i'm from new zealand. I live in akl. hmmm there do seem to be a lot of aussies and no kiwis lol. go figure smile

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