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One nighter gone wrong Rss

hi im looking for some information on something because i dont know where else to look and im to shamed to talk to the doctor about it or see one.
I had a one night stand last weekend and now i have lumps on my "privates" and i dont know what they are

I really think that you need to see a DR. You might have an STD.

If you don't want to see your regular DR, go to one out of the phone book and then you don't have to see them again.

Good Luck smile]
It depends on what the lumps look like...
Are they- hard, soft, smooth, rough, red, sore, itchy...etc
Even though you dont want to i would also recommend seeing a doctor...they'll ease your mind and can tell straight away what it is could be...
remember safe sex is good sex! lol!

Sounds like you need to get yourself to the doctor. Don't be embarrased- it happens to lots of people. Go get it checked out and dealt with. STD's (if it is one) can have serious consequences and effects on the body. The sooner get a diagnosis the sooner you can get treatment.

definately go to the dr.

go to a walk in clinic where u dont need an appointment instead of ur usual dr. good luck i hope its nothing major!
Google s3x clinics in the state you're in and make an appointment asap.

You really need to see a doctor and your regular gp would be the best to go to as that way they will have whatever it is on record if it flares up again IYKWIM.
I'd be getting straight to the doc. Especially so soon after having bub (he's only like 8 weeks or something right?) Just incase there is some sort of infection 'down there'. good luck xo
sorry double post.. smile
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