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sorry i havent been on the net for weeks (how could u tell???lol) so i missed the news. how exciting and grand. How was the labour and everything? Hows the rest of the family coping? Did u have everything prepared>?
Heaps of love and kisses from fellow huggies mum.

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

Oh Hi, thanks i feel special! well Ella came 5 weeks early no idea why, i had been feweling weird for a couple of days but nothing to say it was labour, i went to the loo , wiped and there was blood, s i had a shower and lost a blood clot, so rang the hospital, they said it was a show , won't be long now , in which i thought maybe a coupel of weeks, rang DH who was camping 3 hours away and he came home only to have me gettng contractions in the early hours of the morning . My mum was in hong kong for another day, noone was ready for her arrival so i rang a friend to come in for the birth with me, as DH had the other 5 kids and took them home, well by the time he got home i had rung him to say we had a daughter 5pd 3oz , all over in an hour, I was in shock cause i thought they would twll me to go home as contractions werent that painful, well i thought they were BH so paiful for them but not for full on labour. They asked how dilated I thought i was, i said about 3cm, they checked told me i was 9 cms and could i give apush, no worries out she came, was all to quick really. i was vimitting afterwards cause i think i just went into shock over it all. the next day DH got a ph call to say his dad was terminal and he had to go, so i left the hospital for a few hours to organise kids to go to different places and go back to hopsital, Ella was in specialcare and they wanted me to stay as noone would be home with me which i didnt mind, and his Dad died on the friday, 2 days after Ella was born, so it was amassive week . i havent been on here for aages either and don't intend to come back to often now, to much bitchiness and crap going on here of late, plus once you get on here its hard to leave hey! Hard to believe Ella is 4 weeks old today, sheis now 6 pd 9oz and gettiing chubby cheeks, she is delightful, she has fit in perfectly, no trouble and everyone loves her, I guess its not a shock to the kids any more we just keep adding to the no more for us though , everyone has a room and a bed and any more kids would make me have to sell up or extend and not ready for either of those options yet! thanks for thinking of us, the whole thing went so well and i can pretty much say as far as labour goes it was pretty painless. I had been doing a bit of hypnobirthing and tried to put that into practise and i think it worked some, considering i had to do it 5 weeks before the due date and she arrived 5 weeks ealry i didn;t get to much practise!
oh my god!!!!

I have been missing in action for weeks now, i was sooooo excited to hear you had your bub. Well done. Im so happy and proud of you. I lovvveeeee the name too. hope you and bub are well. cant wait to see a photo.

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Congratulations alwaysawake wow what a quick birth glad to hear all is well. Sorry to hear bout dh dad. Good luck and enjoy your bundle
Well congrats, I love the name Ella too. It sounds old and unique at the same time. I know what u mean by not getting the time to get on here. lol. Mums job starts from the moment u wake and dont end until everyones in bed. Thats why i havent been on, i have heared a few nasty remarks every now and then when people voice thier opinioun but u have to choose to egnore. I'm so happy that everything went well. Im sorry to hear about ur father inlaw. Its terrible. At least his not in pain. Im really sorry. Is the older kids helping out? My best friend has 6 kids and the older kids help out with the younger ones. Its really a buetiful thing to see.
any way take care teags

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

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