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money saving ideas! Rss

Hi Steph,

Could you email me a copy of the ebook as well. Would be appreciated.
Sam grin

Sam, Brissie Mum DD 13, DS 10, DS 5 & DS 5 months

Forgot to put my email address -

Sam, Brissie Mum DD 13, DS 10, DS 5 & DS 5 months

Hi Steph,

would love to look at your ebook too. my email address is

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Hi, it might seem a small thing, but i started a budget system last july and we have saved hundreds of $$. I found that if i budgeted an amount for example ours in $90.00 a week for shopping, then i only take $90.00 with me, that way i can't over spend.

I take all of the money out of the bank on payday or transfer some of it to a separate account for direct debits etc, but i put a bit away for each bill every week. It has worked for me for the last 8 months, all the bills are on time and most of the time there is a credit on the bill when it comes in so no surprises, however there is a savings a/c for he unexpected. I also pay money into my sons account for when he is older. that is 10.00 a week.

Little things like paying with B-Pay also cut back on fees from the post office. a lot of bills have a $1.50 surcharge for paying at Post. It adds up after a while.
Hi I would like to know more about the ebook. My email is

Jungle baby

Hi Steph,
I would love to have a look at the ebook, can you please email me a copy.

Nikki, WA, 2nd bub on the way.

hey steph,

if you have time to send that ebook in my direction, it would be greately appreciated.

could you send it to mandy at

thanx muchley

Connor 24/1/03, Oliver 8/6/04, Zachary 5/12/07

Hi Everyone,
Steph - I'd love to a copy of your ebook. You must be the busiet emailer around. Thanks for offering. My email address is Thanks.
we shop about once a month. We have our fruit and veg delivered and save a fortune. We found that the linger you can go without shopping the cheaper it is. Mainly because when you go to supermarket you buy 2 packets of chips. Shop weekly and you'll eat 2 packets in the week. monthly when its gone.....its gone. I also puta portion of my family payment straight into a savings account and never have access to it. it really adds up after a while.
When it comes to bank fees, Use the internet to pay your bills and transfer $. instead of P.O.
See your bank maybe they have an account that would be more appropriate. before I had Jordy I was a branch manager and would always prefer to help people minimise fees rather than listen to their whinging. Staff dont get commission from them.
Keep up all the great ideas.
I have also tried to supplement our income by becoming a mystery shopper. You wont get rich but anythoing is better than nothing. My first 2 assignments were pizza meals that I got reimbursed for and paid $10- for filling out a questionaire.
Hard work but someones got to do it
Keep up the great ideas

Fiona, NSW

Hi Steph,

I am interested in the ebook. can u please send it to my e-mail address (



Michelle, QLD, DD 6yr,DS 4yr & DS 2yr and DD 13 Au

Hey Steph

Thanks for the offer - I'd also like to see a copy of this book - sounds interesting.

My email address is:

You probably didn't think so many people would reply!!!!!

Thanks again

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Hi Steph

If you arent exhausted from the constant emailing I would love a copy of the ebook.

Thanks Heaps

Sam, VIC

Hi Steph,
Could I get a copy of you ebook too?? Hope your not sick of emailing!! My email address is
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