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Yay..!! Im at Goal Weight Lock Rss

Just thought I would share with you guys that I have been doing weight watchers for the last couple of months to shift the weight I still havent lost when I had DD (She will be 2 soon..hehe).
Anyhoo .. Ive lost 7kgs and am stoked! I fit into jeans I havent worn since well before I was pregnant and have started to get comments from people who are noticing which is awesome!

Only downer is I want to have another baby sooner rather than later so hopefully will not put as much weight on and lose it quicker next time I guess.....
yay for you!!!
WW don't take you on while you are bfing do they? I am SO joining as soon as I stop!

in the meantime... pass the choccie!


I lost 7kg too but I still need to loose some more I want to loose at least 5 more but if I loose 8 then I will be my pre pregnancy weight ...I might look into weight-watchers ..
The problem is with me I can only do light exercise because I get asthma attacks so it's kinda hard like that but hopefully I can do it...ah yeah and of course the evil chocolate do you stop eating that???
You can do weight watchers breastfeeding.
You just get allocated I think 7 more points per day to make up for what breastfeeding takes out of you.
My bestie and I joined together so we would be accountable to each other. She is breastfeeding a 4 month old and has lost more than me but she has more to lose iykwim. Plus she has the time each day to go on loooooonnnnggggg walks. Whereas I get home from work and am knackered! Or on my days at home Im too busy running around after DD and housework.
Gotta love exercise DVD's.

I think my motivation came from the fact I had to go stand on scales infront of someone each week. Ive dieted at home and go great for the first few weeks then crash when the tim tams are out hehe

Congratulations! I'm doing ww too and I'm inspired with your terrific effort!

Yes, you can do WW while breastfeeding...they just won't accept a new mum before her 6 week check!

Once again, Well done! You must be soooo proud of yourself! smile]
Thats fantastic well done smile

I hit 29kgs lost this week and I have been buying sooooooooo many clothes LOL ebay doesn't know whats hit it smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Well done Steph!!!! My God, you girls have done SOOOOO WELL!!

Congratulations!!!! Well done! I tell ya losing weight is one of the hardest things to do ever! But feels sooo good wink Bet you're looking hot!

I just hit 28 kgs smile lmao the seamstress wasnt happy when i told her my wedding dress needs to be taken in
OK im ringing Weight Watchers now!

Im going to take my sister with me on a Saturday.

Need to find out where and when!!!!

I need to loose 14 kg to be in a healthy weight range!!!

However if i lost 10kg i would be same as when i got married which i was very happy at that weight!!

Im still 4kg above when i had my first baby!!

Good luck all you skinny girls!


OMG Steph and Denae!!!
That effort truly outweighs mine BIG TIME!!!!!

I have to agree though love new clothes! Going to Sydney in 2 weeks and going to hit the factory outlets.. figure I can restock my wardrobe and get a bargain... what more could a girl want! hehe
haha hardly!! its taken me 10 months! arent i slack! and im still 4kgs over my pre-pregnancy weight... lmao

yay new clothes!!!

"its not about how much you spend, it's about how much you save"

Am i right or am i right lol
wooooohooooooo thats great news well done

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