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silly little things? Lock Rss

[color=blue][b]Ok so i was looking thru my jewellery last night with my mum (she came over for a cpl days) i found a bread bag clip- the ones u twist (bakeries use them ) ANYWAYS my mum was like ' w t f is that doing in ur jewellery box?!' so i told her the story behind it;

DP and i were together for about 1year wen we were at his folks place for lunch and he made the bread clip into a ring and put it on my finger and sed 'im going to buy u a real one- one day' then he hugged me. lol its a lil corney yes but that was over 3years ago and i STILL have it!! my mum thought i was a bit of a freak lol but i dunno the lil bread clip means something to me- i cant bring myself to throw it away!

so it got me thinking- do u have any silly little sentimental things that mean ALOT to u but others think ur weird? Please share![/color][/b]
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I have the first rose my DH gave me over 10 years ago. It's dried and broken in a box but it's still special!!!LOL


Me and DH then he was BF went to Tassie 4 holidays in 2000 we went to Mt Amos and he found a little rock and gave it to me he said i had to keep it!! So I was going through our stuff and low and behold there was the little rock all the way from Tassie!!! AAAAWWWWWWWW!! Memories hey!!! I'll have to show him when he gets back!!!

i think that is sweet
it would be sentimental to you and you shouldnt feel bad about it
after i left my ex i lost everything i had
inc a stuffed popple (not sure if you know what they are) its like a bear it went every where with me
i was that upset i bought one off ebay
i got it from england so it came a long way
im a lot more at ease now i have it i know it wasnt the same one but its in memory of him

DF chewed a chuppa chup stick until he could make it into a circle and he put it on my finger for a ring...still have it

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aww these a great! im not the only freak out there lol!! j/k

i think its the small things that have a lot of meaning- like he gave me a real ring for xmas and i love it but it doesnt have the same effect on me wen i look at it as the bread clip does IYKWIM lol am i scaring u guys yet?

do u show ur DP's that u still have it? what do thay say?
The first time DP came to my place for dinner he had a beer and I kept the bottle top!!! I still have it.

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My dh got me a huge dimond ring lol out of those lolly dispenser things and my first valentines day baloon its still inflated says i wuv you
I still have the first rose DP ever gave me, Like mylilman its broken and in a box but i still have it, I also still have a cable tie that DP made into a ring for me hehe

My mum still has my bro & my baby teeth.

I still have my wedding bouquet. It's roses, and they've dried nicely...
ok so im the only weird one to replace something that ment alot to me

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