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Stain Removal Lock Rss

Hello Girls,

can anyone help with a stain problem I have???

I went to a meeting and had a name badge on my top, it was a sticky backed one, and I forgot to take it off before I was washed it and now there is still sticky stuff on my top. I cant get rid of it. HELP!!!

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eucalyptus oil or spray. removes 'gum'
hi i could be totally off the mark here (i am NOT the queen of clean) but i know that when you get gum stuck to clothes apparently putting them in the freezer makes it not sticky and comes off.

i personally havent tried it and i have no idea if it would make your problem better or worse but maybe that would work ??

(please dont take my advice if it is an expensive top lol)
if you use vinager make sure its WHITE vinager!!!

Thanks girls,

I have done the frezzer thing, the Eucalyptus oil, Tea-tree oil and soaking it in nappy-san, BUT i will give the vingar a go.

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Hey Nooey, I didnt think of that, thanks

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if the vinegar doesn't work, try bubble mix as it has soap and glyceryn in it which is supposed to help.
Hey Victoriajayne,

Thats a great tip. Thanks

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