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I'm so sorry to hear, rolypoly sending hugs down to you...
That sux!!!!!!!!sad]

Is there a number to ring on the box to complain, if everyone did it then maybe they would have to do a recall on this product which obviously doesnt work.


oh im so sorry, that truely sucks, what a crapola brand


Thanks everyone. Wish I had kept the box now so I could ring!!! DARN!!! Off to do mummy things with my gorgeous girls now smile
i remember reading up about them on another baby site and one person had called to complain and the man just said you must of left them too long to read them and was really rude!

that brand shouldnt even be allowed to be sold!

handy hint, cant find the box or something you need GOOGLE IT hehe, have fun doing mummy things, DD and i are about to pop out to the backyeard and run off some energy little turd wont sleep during the day anymore sad

seriously i would look into complaining guys, especially if a few of you are doing several tests and getting false positives,

its not veryy good
I tried googling it and couldn't find anything so if any one has a box of them out there I would appreciate the number TA smile
ive used them a few times but didnt keep the boxes.gggrrrrrr. im very sorry to hear about your dissapointment i never thought you could get false + until denae and yourself.
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