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I wonder.. I wa wa wa wa wonder... Lock Rss

If DS will go to sleep tonight with no bottle... he has a dummy still, but tonight is the first night of the rest of his life... and I've stopped the bottle - cold turkey. He wuvs his bobble though... and he's gotten up twice telling me he's not a big boy anymore, he's a little boy again, pwease can I have my bobble mumma.


If he doesn't sleep all night, I'll be shoving it in his mouth tomorrow night lmao.
You big meanie lol. Good luck with it!
How gorgeous!! I wouldnt be able to resist that
Hope he goes well. We are trying to get our two of the bottle too and it is hard.
He's not upset at all, AND he's stayed there for the last 10mins. Must be asleep. He won't stay in bed if he's not sleeping.

Wow, will check him soon. But looks promising!

He's so easy to put to bed, that's why he's been left with his bottle for so long (not a real bottle mind you, has a green sippy spout in the neck - avent bottle, green sippy spout). Bed, dummy, bottle = sleep all night.

We'll try the dummy in a few weeks. Cold turkey too.

TP just wondering how old ur son is my DD has just turned 2 and she loves her bottle she only has it at bedtime though and she has never had a dummy but since her sis was born she likes to hold one when she goes to bed cos her sis has one.

howd u go TP?
Awwww sweet lil guy. Tryin so hard to be a "big boy" sooooo cute. I hope he managed to get through the night Teapot
He woke at 10.30pm sobbing! Yelled out to me "Mumma, I not a big boy anymore, I a little boy now - pwease can I have my bobble". I attempted to settle him, but being the softy I am, decided that our household sleep quota wasn't going to be fulfilled if I continued to be a mean mum. He got his bottle back and slept the night through.

Oh well, he'll give it up when he's ready.

BTW, he's 2 & 7mths to whoever asked. DD had her dummy till she was a couple of months over 3 - I'm not fussed what DS does, he only has them both at bedtime.
Post deleted by administrator.
OMG!! speaking of which...

My son ditched the bottle on his own accord last thursday.. so its been over a week and HE WONT TOUCH THEM so i put them away today.. sniff sniff...

Just took himself of them.. i think maybe cause his molars all camw through at once and maybe it was to painful...

2 baby boyz!

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