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Any mums out there with ivf bubs, who would like to chat?

mum of 1


I have an IVF baby who is now 2.5 yrs old (I shouldn't really call him a baby but he will always be my little miracle baby!). I am also pregnant with my second child, also conceived through IVF (another miracle!). IVF is just so difficult but I consider myself so very lucky as I have a beautiful boy who is an absolute joy and I am expecting another baby in June - I can't wait. I find that most mums and dads who have gone through IVF have had such an emotional rollercoaster ride up to this point that once the baby arrives, the complete joy is just so opposite to all those horrible feelings before you conceive it knocks you for six (in a good way)! Happy to chat at any time you like. Tell me your story as I love to hear about how precious these babies are!


My twin boys (6 months) are IVF bubs. Yvette and I have also chatted about our experiences. It is a unique situation and only one that can be understood if experienced. Happy to chat at anytime, my email is [email protected]

Maybe the three of us can chat?

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Yvette & Victoria
You're right IVF is pretty hair raising! We stated trying for a bub 6 years ago, at that time we were living in the UK. The health system over there is APPALLING my husband was told that there was no way ever of him being able to have his own child and that we should look into doner/adopt. Needless to say we were less than impressed! We moved back to Aus late 2001, i went to see a GP in jan 02 who then referred us to melb ivf. Saw a dr there in march, did all the tests, was told that my hubby could have a bub, but it would have to be icsi. Anyway we concieved on our very first go! We were just over the moon. My pregnancy wasn't an easy ride though, i was constanly worried that something would happen to our bub...v.v.v neurotic! I also had unexplained bleeding and developed pre-eclampsia, so bub was a few weeks early and i had to be induced (never again) He was also a difficult bub in the begining, he did't like to sleep and pretty much screamed most of the time, never woke up happy and i, was on edge trying to be the most perfect mum that there ever was, and feeling guilty most of the time as i kept telling my hubby that we had made a huge mistake in having this child and should put him up for adoption, among other things.

Naturally i fell into a heap! We found out that reflux was the cause of the screaming and sorted it out, we found out that bub is very nosy and just wants to be awake all of the time (even now at nearly 11 mths) but more inportantly i found out that there is no such thing as a perfect mum. I adore my son and really couldn't imagine life without him. I still think babies should come with an individual manual and the baby blues should be banned. I also think that there is sometimes too many people around you after the birth of a new bub with too many conflicting ideas. It gets soooo confusing at times.

Great talking to you

mum of 1

Hi Jo & Yvette,

Jo you are right - baby blues should be banned and there are sometimes too many people around with conflicting ideas. Shortly after my boys were born, my mum had a heart attack and my cherished Autny passed away - needless to say I had the baby blues plus some!!!

I was very neurotic as well during my pregnancy, after everything we went through it was so hard to believe that it might actually happen that I was so by the book with everything. Needless to say I delivered two very healthy boys at 37 weeks.

We did ICSI as well, overall our IVF experience was excellent, we conceived on the first attempt but I miscarried at 6 weeks, then on the second attempt we had our boys. What is your son's name, my boys are William and Anthony - they are just a delight.

Happy to talk - my email address is [email protected]

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Jo and Victoria,

I'm happy to talk whenever - I think that only people who have gone through IVF can really understand what it is like. We also had ICSI and to tell you the truth, the other people I have spoken to have all had more success using it than not.

In my first pregnancy I was completely calm the whole way through but this time around I'm stressing about everything! Strange huh!

My son's name if Finlay (we call him Finn for short) and he is gorgeous.

If you want to chat, my email address is [email protected] so drop me an email any time!

Push them to the front they might get the hint..
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