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Groceries!!! Rss

Hows this...
Me "im on a diet, when we do the shopping im buying health foods" groceries last fortnight $420 (only me DH and 16 month old)
Me "stuff this healthy eating its to expensive " still bought fruit veg etc but didnt worry about dried fruit, nuts or heaps healthy foods. groceries this fortnight $320!!!!!!!!!!
what the hell. Its ridiculous how much cheaper it is to shop when you arnt worrying about weight.
anyone else find this?
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[Edited on 20/09/2007]
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I know! Im happy with $320, thats much better for us. we pretty much get everything and dont hve to go back to the shops except for milk and bread. Plus this fortnight we got toilet paper and washing powder in bulk. When i tried diesting i go all dried fruits and nuts to snack on, lots of yoghurt and health cuts of meat. Never again cant afford it! That $320 included meat too!
yep healthy is expensive, i think thats why there are alot of overweight people in the world. a salad sanwhich at the food court is about $6 a big mac meal with coke and fries large is $6.
I think its ridiculour mummytocutties
There should be higher tax on junk food and subsides for healthy options
I agree, we should not be punished for making the healthier options for our family, after all there is a huge uproar regarding childhood obesity ATM. Maybe instead of only putting all these weird taxes on junk- to really only make them equivalent to healthier option pricing anyway- put the price of junk up and the price of healthy down, then we can still afford to have a treat if we want to.

It is a joke. If the government was serious, they would so something to help out the people who really WANT TO eat well.
is that per fortnight? I spend something between $220-$300 per WEEK but for a family of 5 and have tried not to buy so many little individual packs of school snacks- thats where our expense comes from the biys will have to get jobs soon LOL I dont want to think how much food we will go through in 10 years time when they are all teenagers(in fact I don't want to think about teenagers!)

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Yes- food is a ridiculous price- especially all the ones that are good for us. No wonder people buy a pie and Coke rather or a chocolate bar- when a sandwich or salad costs more!!!

People thought I was crazy when I was buying bananas when they were in short supply- out here they got to around $20 a kilo. I still bought a couple to have around the house. And when we worked it out- they were about the same amount per banana as a mars bar or packet of chips.

Grocery bills- ours is always huge!!! And it is true all the healthier options cost more- but I figure that even though it is costing me more it is worth it- my body will thank me for it in the long run. And the extra cost is worth setting my children up with better eating habits from an early age.



I can easily spend in excess of $200 for the week when I am 'dieting'. When I am not, less than $100.

I have recently decided that diets dont work though, and I have just decided to have a 'lifestyle change'. Something that is permanent and not just temorary to get the weight off. We are spending around $180 for the week and that is mostly in fresh fruit and veg and lean meats.

My tips;
*Fish and tuna are a bit cheaper than other meats and good options.
*A low calorie snack that is cheap is rice crackers and salsa. On weight watchers 10 rice crackers are worth 1 point. And salsa is free. So definately a good option.
*Also if you have local markets, go there for vegies! Heaps cheaper and they taste nicer than supermarket vegies because they are fresher.

I'm the opposite - we recently delved into the lifestyle change and Ive lost 30kg so far woohoo smile butnow we only spend $110 a week on groceries - most of that is at aldi's and then I top up the rest at coles.

I stock up on lean beef and chicken when its reduced to clear then cut it into portion sizes and freeze it

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I must admit my grocery bill is enormous...especially when both DH and I take leftovers to work for lunch/dinner every day so I always cook for 4-6 people....(there is only me, DH and 2 boys 3 and 5.5mths.)

I work and went to the local cafe for a sandwich....$6.50 and for a bucket of hot chips $1.80..... so I opted for the unhealthy option because it was cheaper....grrrr

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JP409C i know what you mean if i go out for lunch i always end up at the takeaway getting chips and gravy ( mind you im addicted to them, the gravy is sooo good) but its a massive box it feeds me and the 2 boys and i still end up throwing a 1/4 of the box away and all for $4 you couldnt get a sanwhich for that, and a sanwhich wouldnt fill you up let alone feed 3 people.
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