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Biting at Daycare - advice needed please Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I normally ring daycare once a day to see how my daughter is going. When I rang today I was told that my 18mth old daughter bit another little girl. This has happened before and my daughter has also been bitten before, so we discussed the best way to approach it etc.

Everytime my daughter has been bitten I have never been told by who - I just know that it has happened. Well today when I went to pick her up, they had written in the rooms activity book for today (so that all the parents can read it) something about how my daughter enjoyed the taste of the other children today. I am a bit peeved, cause not only will the parents of the girl who got bitten today but the parents of every other kid that gets bitten from now on will think my daughter did it. I was thinking about saying something how I think it is inappropriate for them to single out a child - do you think I am over reacting? What would you do?

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the first daycare my son went to, they were very against biting and made you as a parent feel terrible when your child bit someone elses, you also had to sign a form everytime it happened.
we took him out of that one and sent him to another one and they were excellent telling me that it was something they all went through and for everytime my son bit someone he'd end up with about five more from other kids, there was one day he bit the same girl three times along with two other boys and you can imagine how embarrassed and upset i was, they disciplined him and then had a private joke with me about how my son really doesnt like the girl he had bitted! but always reassured me and never made me feel bad about it
whether you say something is up to you, how are they about biting? and how do they make you feel when your daughter has bitten someone else
bottom line is they all go through it ( well most) and they all grow out of it,in a couple of months time, shell be finnished with it!!

I'd have a chat to the kindy because really parents shouldn't be told who the biter is/was (I'm pretty sure that's standard across centres).



mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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