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I Am A Bad, Bad Mother!! Lock Rss

The kids were just eating their tea and I was getting Trinity ready for her bath.

Anyway, my eldest DS starts to grab at the back of his neck ang go "OWWW". So he's jumping around and I'm like "Come here". I have a look, can't see anything, so I scratched where he was pointing and told him to go eat his tea.

No sooner had he sat down, then he's jumping around again, so this time when he comes over, I lift up his shirt and I see this big bug thing.

Now a good mum, would calmly remove the bug. But not me, I'm like "Holy crap, there's a massive bug on you". At which point he gets all freaked out and starts to really panic. So I'm slapping at his back and he's jumping around like a lunatic. We managed to get it out of his shirt, but not before it had bitten him twice, leaving big welts.

Poor child, having me for a mother, lol.
Ya big meanie Mary!! Hehe!!

Oh Benmar, you crack me up! I am rolling around laughing... I would do that to.....

I hate creepy crawly things.... have you got some itchy spray? (I am not sure what the name is)

ok- so you freaked. Not everyone is great in situations like this exp with creapy crawlers. Pretty human I think, not a bad mum.
hope your little man is ok.

Posted by: up the duff
Oh Benmar, you crack me up! I am rolling around laughing... I would do that to.....

I hate creepy crawly things.... have you got some itchy spray? (I am not sure what the name is)

Yep, I put some of that itchy cream stuff on it. But because it flew away, he's now telling me that he's gonna sleep with his thong, so if it tries to get him while he's in bed, he can squish it, lol.
The poor little bugger is going to be really paranoid now.... oh well it will be a great story at his 21st birthday party.... How did he make it to 21????

I know, that's if he does make it, lol. I am sooo scared of bugs though, I think I have passed that onto the kids.
I'm the same mate. I can't stand them. The other week it took me 1 hour to kill a spider and most of the time I was standing on the toliet screaming. LOL

The kids thought it was great! they got out of eating their veges.... oh well pooh happens.

oh mary thats hilarious, i have this image of you jumping around like a loony slapping your boys back for the bug! LOL

and your not a meany, i nearly threw (exagerration!) zoe across the floor when i thought i saw a spider fall out of the towel i was folding. turns out it was a piece of cotton!

**deep breath**


Oh, Mary, I'm laughing with you, not at you!


But guess would be a better Mum than me!!

I would have just grabbed my kid and slammed them backwards up against the wall in a bid to kill the bug without having to go near it or look at it.
I totally understand the fear of creapy crawlies hehehe
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