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may as well add another TMI Rss

sorry, just thought i would add another TMI. dh husband tells me for the last month or so he has had blood in his poo, sometimes a fair bit-does anybody know what this could be?
varicose veins in your anus

constipation (tearing of the wall of the anus = blood)

if it's IN the poo....go to the Dr....could be something more sinister!
It is important to see a doctor if there is blood in your poo. Good luck getting him there
I'd definately go to the doctors!!! Blood in poo can be signs of serious things (sorry I dont want to scare you) BUT it is really important to get this checked out..and you say its been for a month...holy crap...get DH to the wishes....
If it is red blood its prob piles (hemroids) or polops he will need to go to doc (they will have to do an internal exam which men tend to get a bit upset about!!) its not a major he will get cream or if bad maybe a op but not very often.

If it brown blood he needs to go to doc now!! as this maybe coming from his tummy and is not very good as might be internal bleeding but this is normaly accompanied by loss of appitite stomach pains ect so if he hasnt had that sort of stuff dont freak out

Tracey, NZ

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i know it doesnt sound good, he just informed me today. He said he thinks it is in it. I will be making an appointment tomorrow (public holiday). He will be forced to go! Why do they never think that you should go to the doctor?
I would take him to the doctors. Could be anything
Its because they are men!!! LOL, but heaven forbid they ever get a cold because then they are on deaths door. They are the biggest contradiction, lmao
definatley make him get checked out! it can be a sign for bowel cancer or something similar!

I have 3 boys!!!

he will probly have to have a colonoscopy, could just be a polop, or something more serious.

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i wont be telling him what they may do, just that he has an apppointment, otherwise he wont go.i did tell that it could be something serious. They are just stupid sometimes-im sure if it was a female that it happened to, we would be at the doctors, as embarssing as it would be.
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