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I've just jumped on the forum and saw that a few very sad things have happened- miscarriage, separation, divorce, terminations ect.

Anyway- I'd love to share some good news and hope that you can too, just for balance.

Jessica is getting over her cold- and now can clap hands (one hand clasped), waves to people and gives me kisses (big wet ones!). It is so exciting to watch babies develop into little people, the joy of being mum!.

I love this forum for the fact that we can all support each other through our hard times. but you are right, some great news wouldn't go astray!!

So here's mine, Trinity is crawling and giving big wet kisses!!
My DS got his first tooth on Saturday, he was exactly 4 months old.


He did it all without panadol or teething gel because his silly mummy thought he as too young to get teeth. He was sooo good, no tears or much else other than a cold and cough.
my ds has learnt to blow kisses. So cute.

he can also now stand straight up without holding onto anything.

And my car will be completly fixed by tomorrow afternoon.

i''''m baking a baby

Good news stories are nice to hear. I shared both a good one and a bad one on here today already. Sorry if I upset anyone or bought down their day that wasn't my intention. I only shared my news because it was weighing so heavily on my heart and mind and I was hoping others would say a quick little prayer or positive thought for this bub and his family.

I am hoping I have a good update soon to give on the little baby boy I mentioned in my other thread.

In the meantime I have a poem to share......


Life is like
a pendulum
That swings from left
to right
Never in
Eternal Darkness
Nor in
Eternal Light.

The challenge to us
mere mortals
Amongst a million things
Is to balance
The left
The right
And to even out
the swings.

By Russell Plunkett
[Edited on 01/10/2007]
Dee, I loved that poem!
My good news is that Amelia is now comando crawling and when holding her hands she walks.......she thinks that she is sooooo clever. She also can now push herself up to sit. Why do they have too grow up so quickly???
Posted by: juju1
Dee, I loved that poem!

Yeah -I like it too. I sometimes pull it out and read it every now and then- like today when I feel a bit upset with the world and the things going on in it.

Your little girl sounds very cute and very pleased with herself. It is so cute when they learn new skills.

thats such a beautiful poem!

ok my good news is that DS has learned how to pack away his toys into a bucket and my lil dog Miss Molly has been cleared of Cancer! its Benign Yay!!!!

Oh and DS has gone to sleep so now i get to have a nap too lol

Bubs learnt to clap last night while we all cheer 'yayyyyyyyyyyy', dh got a promotion last week, and my little man is finally saying 'mummmummummm' again (he stopped saying it ages ago so im pleased its returned!).

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