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Theres spiders in my washing! Lock Rss

My washing was on the line for a couple of days because it was raining. I brought it in before and was folding a couple of things and found a heap of baby spiders in everything. Now I don't know what to do. Do I just wash it all again?
Maybe do a rinse cycle then wash them.

Oh... I am all itchy now.
oh i dont know! i would still be running around the house hysterically screaming about spiders!

Um, would you need too? do they leave marks? mind you i prob would cos i couldnt stand the thought of more spiders in there, then putting them away. then they grow and breed and before you know it the house is overrun by flippin spiders!!!!!

Sorry watched Arachnaphobia too many times i think.

Oh yucky i would wash them again, just so the spiders dont come and live inside and they die instead. Yucky.

Do you think I could put them in the drier or would that be too cruel?!
Too cruel... no way, they're creepy, ikky spiders.
Do it... do it... do it......
There is an attack against the washing by icky things! They are collaborating!
No the dryer might work. You will just have to shake out the clothes when you take them out. Yuck

aahhhhhhhh running scared!!!!!!!!!!!

Next it will be grasshoppers! You just watch!

OK so I (meaning my husband!) ended up putting them in the drier and I can hear them all squealing at me right now! I reakon I will have nightmares of them all coming after me tonight!
lol. i hate spiders they are so gross, i squashed one the other day and heaps of babies came running off of it, so creepy.


I would definately still wash them again when you get them out of the dryer, otherwise there is NO WAY i would put the clothes on... oooh i'd have the heebie jeebies BIG TIME!!!!thinking something was crawling around still...


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