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Dear All,
I just read an article on our babies spine- PLEASE READ and post reply:

The article said that many Baby Carriers as well as things such as the JOLLY JUMPER are really bad for our little ones as it causes HIGH STRESS on the posterior structures of the SPINE.

I was an avid use of the jolly jumper and the BABY BJORN carrier and now fuming as evidence shows Spondylolisthesis which is a condition which can result from stress on the baby's lower spine when exposed to unhealthy positions such as the FRONT FACING carry position on many carriers.

Our littles ones are meant to be curved close to the fetal position when young, and when a bit older sat with their legs crossed like when using SLINGS to disperse weight. Their secondary curves in the spine which are very important for weght distribution later in life only develop as they start to lift their neck and start crawling

I dont like the slings and would much prefer the carriers, but now have to dispose of mine and move on for the next one.

So unless someone has heard different please carry your baby facing you, and dont let their whole weight sit on their spine- and let them sit on their bum like in slings rather than upright like in most carriers.

Oh, and put their bum firmly into the car seat too! so they sit into the seat! Their whole spine must be supported.

Oh I am so angry with makers of baby products - I hear so many stories of product recall which should never happen ! they should be tested and tesed and tested!

QLD mommy

Oh dear....another one who has used the jolly jumper quite a worries with the carrier though, I always had Jack facing towards me.

Where was this article??

mum of 1

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