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i was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how much cows milk my bubba will be having when she turns one?

i currently breastfeed my 11 month old DD morning and night and have just swapped the lunchtime feed for cows milk (with my CHN's blessing lol)

how much should she have at each milk feed? 200mls??? ive put it in a sipper cup for her and am not sure just how much i should be giving her. also, when she goes fully on cows milk, how many bottles/sippy cups full should she have a day?

thanks in advance guys!!
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My 10 1/2 mnth old (who is about 9kg) has 3 bottles of cows milk with between 140ml and 170ml each day. Sometimes she drinks the 170ml really fast and then I know she wants some more, but you will be able to tell if your DD wants more. They are all different and I think if they are getting enough calcium in other places it doesn't really matter. My DD also has a lot of water.
As you know DD is on 3 bottles of formula a day. She has 240ml morning, 180ml lunch and 180ml dinner.

My CHN said to probably just give her similar amounts as I would formula.

But as 2bubalino's said, you can tell when they want more or don't want as much.

DD was having 240ml at every meal and she wouldn't drink it, so we cut her down to 180ml but she would scream in the morning.
So thats when we figured she only needed 240ml in the morning and 180ml for the other two.

Good Luck! smile

Hi Elly,
As you know i put ds onto cow's milk when he turned 11 months. he has 3 x 200mls. But after his birthday on friday i will be giving him only a morning and night bottle. and puting milk in his straw cup about 150 ml

He gets dairy in his diet, cheese, yogurt etc. so my CHN said i could even think about cutting the luch milk out as he drinks water no problem.

Good luck with your dd. Nae

i''''m baking a baby

I didnt replace any feeds with cows milk! I just gave both dds a proper lunch, eg a sandwich, or vegies or a tub of yoghurt. I also gave them water. I personally think its a bit unnatural to drink so much milk, but of course it is important to have dairy in the diet, I stuck to milk on cereal, cheese, yoghurt and custards . . . does anyone else feel the same or am i just weird? lol

My lil man just turned 9 months, and my chn told me i need to cut him down to 2 bottles by the time he gets to 10 months then keep cutting him back so by the time he is 1 he is totally off the bottle...

I have no idea how im going to do this, i think ill just wait and see how he goes and maybe slowly make his lunch time bottle smaller till its gone but i cant see that happening in the next month.

So I dont think they to have 3 bottles or cups of real milk a day as long as they are getting enough calcium from other sources.
K.K, if I were you I wouldn't worry too much about cutting it down that quick. Just follow his lead. My DS is 10 1/2 months and he still has 3 or 4 breastfeeds a day. I cut it down from 4 feeds to 3 but he was getting to sooky in the afternoons so now he has full feeds morning and night and a half feed after each sleep. He is just starting to not want the afternoon feed, and probably won't want the mid-morning one for much longer either.

My DS is currently on 3 x 180mls of formula a day, he has it morning, lunch and evening all still in bottles and he turns 12mths old in a couple of weeks, I'm not in a rush to put him onto cows milk as my other son stayed on formula till he was 18mths old as he reacted to the cows milk plus they get the extra vitamins they need in it anyway which cows milk does not have. But usually around 12mths old you would have them on 2-3 bottles a day, I know all my kids have been on 3 a day still at 12mths old and then they slowly drop down to 2 and usually have that lunch time one as a cup of milk. Just do what you think best suits Charlie you'll know if she wants more or less.

K.K I wouldn't listen to that CHN about cutting your bubs bottles out so soon, my older kids still had a bottle before bedtime up until they were 2 1/2yrs old there is nothing wrong with that. Just do what you think is best for your bub and don't rush it.

I was a bit suprised when she said i should cut down to 2 soon.

Thanks, ill just take his lead and when he seems to want to cut it out i will, no hurry just yet, his routine is working really well at the moment with his meals, bottles and sleeps so no need to muck it up i guess.
Gosh its so confusing for first time Mums.

I have no idea what to do.

Just after DD turned 9 months, my CHN said she should be having 3 bottles a day.
Well that same week, DD weaned herself off her afternoon bottle. So that was EASY!

But I just don't know what to do....

DD has slight excema (sp) and dairy 'can' upset it...

I was also wondering about cows milk but i too am worried that it may cause allergies. i guess the only way to know is to try but i think i will be keeping DS on formula till he is at least 18 months just to be safe as i had bad allergies when i was young so would hate for him to be the same

I currently use cows milk on DD's breakfast and she has a little bit of cheese & yoghurt...
But I just am unsure...

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