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I am currently pregnant with my second one. I was just wondering if I should buy a new cot or buy my DD a new bed. They will be 16months a part or their abouts. I daughter is 8motnhs old. And I about 10 weeks.
[Edited on 07/10/2007]

I my two lil one's are only 17 months apart and i bought a new cot for the new baby,i think they are still too youg to be put in a bed.You can pick up some really nice cot and cheap from toy'ru at the moment they have a big baby sale on.Good luck with what you choice.
What about using a bassinet for the first 3-4mths? I had one with wheels & lockable castors that I could wheel into the loungeroom & bedroom with me during the day. It was great. This way your youngest will be 19-20mths apart and your oldest will proberly be ready for a big bed anyway.
Also, a porticot for may be a great standby if the youngest bub needs to move to a cot & your oldest isn't ready to give it up yet. This way your oldest can sleep in the porticot to get used to their new room.
Hope it works out for you no matter what you decide.

i put both my boys into a big bed at 19 months and it was the best thing we did. and babies are in the bassinette untill 3 or 4 months anyway so your girl will be about 20 months before you need the cot again.
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