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Where do i take them?? ~ Can ring pulls Rss

an old associate (who i no longer see) asked me to collect the ring pulls of aluminium cans coke cans etc. for some little girl who was going to get them from her place. well now because i no longer see her i have 2 glad bags full of them, but dont know where to take them?

and can someone enlighten me as to what is it exactley they are collected for, i was led to believe they are used to make fake arms and wheelchairs????

[Edited on 09/10/2007]
Someone from my sisters work is collecting them, but I have no idea why....
I will call her & find out.

i have heard that they are used so that people who need help paying for wheel chairs can collect their weight in ring pulls and this will "pay" for their chair. Not sure where you could take them but that sure is alot of ring pulls that someone will be grateful for.



DD's school is collecting them and they send overseas,im not sure why,i will have to ask why when im next there.
Ok, I will probably go to hell for this but..........


Fake arms and wheelchairs made of ring pulls?? Are they not good enough to make legs out of??

I have the strangest mental images of fake arms that are silver and shiny!!

Like I said "Going to hell". Ah well I was going anyway!! hehehe.
LOL Benmar......
I thought it was a bit crazy too..... LMAO
OMG... it's true.
It's for prostetic arms, legs & wheelchairs.
But I have no idea where you sent them.
Posted by: layno
OMG... it's true.
It's for prostetic arms, legs & wheelchairs.
But I have no idea where you sent them.

yes thats right layno, prostetic limbs, i couldnt think of that word. now i just gotta figure out what to do with them, im so sick of looking at them but dont want to throw them out.
I have the strangest mental images of fake arms that are silver and shiny!!

Yes Mary they are the bling bling of prosthetics..........
Hey Carmen

My kids school used to collect them(dont know if they do anymore) so maybe ring a local school or hospital and see if they collect them.

Just a thought........
Apparently you can take them to participating country toyota dealerships or rotary clubs. say this:

A considerable number of wheelchairs have been funded with money raised form the sale of scrap aluminium collected by supporters. Virtually any aluminium is worth collecting including old window frames, showers screens, industrial off-cuts but the most common is the common drink can.

Ring-pulls on Aluminium cans are often mistakenly thought to be made of the expensive metal Titanium and were originally thought to be useful in the making of prostheses in third world countries.

There is no reason to separate the aluminium ring-pull from its can other than that cans do take up a lot of room unless crushed and may create problems with odours and ants. Many people drop off the cans with ring-pulls attached, at our workshops. Aluminium ring-pulls are a part of our recycling drive, but it takes about 276,000 ring pulls at about $1 per kilo to raise the $100 to build a wheelchair. Many schools wishing to support our project collect only the ring-pulls and not the cans for the reasons mentioned above. In this way the students are able to be involved and become more aware of the needs of others in developing countries.

Our only collection point for recycling is at our workshops here in Wangara, Western Australia. Generally it is not economical to send any material to us by mail or carrier. Support for the project is best achieved by selling any recyclable metals to a local merchant and sending to us a cheque made out to 'Wheelchairs for Kids'.


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