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How can I identify Huggies Nappy sizes without the box?

I have a bunch of shrink wrapped nappies without their boxes and I cannot figure out what size th...

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Got this as a forward, thought it was interesting. Pass The Butter ~ ~ ~ ~ This is interesting ....

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Thanks a lot for the detailed post! I try to avoid margarine consuming as much as possible, just use it for home bakery from time to...


Baby monitors

Hi all, I have been looking at 2 x baby monitors the angel care and the oricom both with the se...

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Hey, I see no answers to your query, as of yet. So, thought to write something that could help you soon-ish. Have you Google the pro...



Leon as a severe nappy rash and it wont go away. We have tried it with CLONEA antifungal cream b...

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Thanks a lot for the info, honestly never heard about this brand before. I successfully fought toenail fungus due to this article , ...


Tiger Eye Slabs

Hello, i am new at here. -------------------------------- Tiger Eye Slabs

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Has anyone been and can you recommend what island is suitable to go to with 2 kids?? We are looki...

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Day dream is currently closed for renovations and hamilton island is open for business. I would reccomend Hamilton Island personally...

This HAS been done to death

does anyone know of any kind of work that I can do from home, preferably be able to do while the ...

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Hi Moms I am a new mom to the site. I found a new DS company that I signed up to and is launching in New Zealand now. It’s wonderfu...


Tiger Eye Slabs

Hello I am new at here. ------------------------- [url=

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How to make the 1st day at school easier

Starting school is a huge milestone both for you and your child. Here are a few tips to help make...

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i am desperately seeking help please, in a nut shell i had 1 of my grandchildren in my care my g...

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Seek Legal Aid/Family Lawyer - all the best with your quest it cant be easy that's for sure. Sorry I wish I had more help


Ovulation or pregnant

Long story short I took a morning after pill 20hours laster because I had unprotected sex around ...

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May be the after effects of the morning after pill. Take a test when you'd expect your next period to be sure.


need to have another child in future

Hi all, I was having problem with my wife.we did not know the best mode of family planning. We we...

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IUD is not bad - different women may have different experiences with it. My experiene was not so bad. I would discourage the use of ...

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If you could wish for 1 thing in 2018 what would it be?

As this year draws to a close, if you can grab a few minutes to think about what you hope for 201...

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To be debt free!


Child born later in year a year 'behind' those born at start of year - does that change later in school?

My DD2 was born in Nov, started school in Nov but due to moving house started a new school the fo...

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spray on nappy rash treatment

does anyone know of any? I know there is bubbaloo's bum spray or something but it's not a spray t...

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and there's another one too for organic lovers!


diploma in early education and care HELP!!!

Hi everyone, i am hoping i can get a little help with one of my assignments, i have 2 left before...

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Sleep routine for 12 month old

Hi, I’m new to this and wondering if anyone could tell me their DD’s sleep routines and your insi...

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Happy 2018 everyone!

Do you have NYE resolutions or things you'd love to happen this year? Let us know!

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How are you celebrating New Year's Eve?

We'd love to hear from you!

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Help - Blood stains

How do you get blood stains out of clothes. My poor DS had a bleeding nose today and my lovely wh...

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Ideally, you would want to tackle the stain with water right away. The fresher the blood is, the more effective it is to clean it of...


Anyone buy a used car from a dealership before?

How was the interest rate? How old was the car? Experience? I know risk is higher .: bank charge...

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I have been thinking about purchasing a car as well. The response give me a basic understading of how i need to buy cars.


Freezing meals in advance - what container???

Hi there! I am due in 5 weeks, but for a number of reasons, it appears I may not go full term. I ...

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~Ruby~Gloom~ wrote: I'm not sure that the takeaway containers would be BPA free? I don't think I'd be using the foil ...


How to get a phone number with area code 925

Trying get a area code 925 number that called this phone possibly 2-3 months ago

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thanks for answer


What games do you play with your toddler?

Do you know some fascinate games to play with 6-7 y.o kids? pls share

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I personally was very surprised when I found out that my 6 y.o. cousin plays Warcraft , didn't know it is simple enough for beg...

Does eating chicken give men 'man boobs'?

My DH is CONVINCED that eating chicken gives u 'man boobs'! He reckons the hormones the chickens...

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Only in case that chicken was feed with steroids. Steroids, drugs, anabolics - all this provokes imbalance of testosterone and estro...



Hi girls, My bestfriend is getting married to a really wonderful guy, he is Brazillian. Anyway, ...

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Great read, thanks for sharing always good to know how to find a Portuguese speaking celebrant now! Fiona King


Black Friday. How was your shopping ?

I ordered so much clothing online. In my town not much clothing stores so I ofren order th clothe...

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i just got my 1st parcel


Starting a home daycare business??

Hi, Just wanted to find out if anyone here is currently, or has done home daycare as a business ...

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Hey, I found this article helpful for you. Check out this


Starting up Family daycare

Hi Everyone, After a phonecalle from my work yesterday, it has put me in the mood to start looki...

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Family day care is great! If you're starting out on your own it is important to make sure that you've covered yourself in ...


Asbestos Removal

Anyone paid to have asbestos removed? I know it needs to be dismantled carefully and wrapped in ...

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I used service. Much better.


Ive heard that huggies test on animals?

Is this true and would it stop you buying their products?

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HuggiesModerator wrote: Is this true and would it stop you buying their products? Hi there, We have spoken to the Huggies Team, ...

where can i buy pilchers????

ive only got the one pair that fits trey (little fatty lol) they are a size 2. ive looked in tar...

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I found the ones on Amazon a few months ago


Where do you do your online shopping?

I'm just curious to know some new cheap websites for shopping for clothes online

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I also prefer to buy on well-known and reliable online stores, e.g. ebay, amazon and alliexpress


buy wrecked cars

All Cars Buyers as it offers the most ideal approach to sell your unwanted auto, truck, van, SUV,...

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How to tell what face 'shape' you have?

Im trying to figure out what face shape i have and am pretty clueless... (dumb much? lol)! Is it ...

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Most of people have not only one kind of face shape, they are mixed up of at least 2 face shapes normally. I can`t see your photo bu...


Decisions on a 3rd baby

We have 2 boys already, 5yo & 2yo. I have just found out I am pregnant very unexpectedly and ...

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Boss announcing my pregnancy

Hi ladies, I just need some input and probably to rant a bit really. I have had a really hard y...

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I'm sure they'll understand!!.. who does that anyway?, I just hope your pregnancy gets easier for you. my brother and sis...


i have a issue

Hey why don't you look up on pinterest they've got a zillion of cool ideas!! with pictu...

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Babies who hate car rides

My bubs is 14 weeks old and hates the car. I feel like I have tried everything to help him but no...

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Yeah we took out the newborn insert and checked over the seat and buckles to make sure he was comfortable. We put up sunshades to ma...


Ear piercing in Adelaide

Does anyone know where I can get my bubs ears pierced in Adelaide (Western Suburbs)? Got my firs...

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Hi all... I just noticed that this topic is really old. My little one is 1yr old & got a pair of beautiful earrings from her unc...