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Hi all
I am 21, live in rockingham and have a 2 1/2 month old beautifull daughter.
I would like to meet some other young mums who live in rockingham or the surrounding areas. Would love to make some friends who have children so we can have play dates
and just to have a chat.
Hey, I'm emily. I'm also 21 pregnant with my first, who isn't due till the 28th of jan. But it would be great to get to know some young mums too. As none of my friends have babies. I live in secret harbour.
Hey guys smile glad to see some other young mummies here too! I live in NZ but I'm enjoying chatting to people on here (a bit weary of some threads as I have seen some people can be very opinionated). I'm 20 next month and I have a 2yr old boy (he was a bit of a shock hehe). We are currently ttc #2. We thought we started early so we may as well keep a 3ish yr age gap.
hey i know this post is a bit old but im niki im 22 with 2 boys a 2 and a half year old and a 1 year old ive just moved to orelia if anyone is interested in catching up at a park or the shops my email is
Hey ladies smile post is a bit old I'm Cheyenne I'm currently living in port Hedland moving to Perth in a few weeks would love to catch up with you Nicki sounds like we have a few things in common young mum 20 partner 25 have a 3 and half year old boy if you wanna catch up for a play date with the kids grab a coffee email chey-nz@
I'm 23 and moving to Rockingham in a couple of weeks and would love to meet other young mums. My daughter is 4,5 months now
My email is so let me know if anyone is keen for a meet up smile

Only just saw this was an old post!
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