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NEW 41 years OLD mum-:)) Lock Rss

Hi to everyone,

My name is Steffi and I am 41 years old.I have 5 months old baby boy Joshua who makes me so young and (shhh tired),and I also have two big girls Silvija 21(expecting little boy at the and of April) and Ivana 19.Little Joshua make us all busy and fit and he makes our days full of happines.
I wander if there is more YOUNG mums out there.
hi steffi i am a 38 yr oldmum to 3 young boys my nme is virpi my eamil address is virpi [email protected]/com if u want to talk some more . compare notes?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

38yrs old with two kids - boy 3 yrs and girl 16 months - working part time (own business) and having a ball with my kids - glad to see there are other youngies out there as you put it!!
just wanted to say, i'm not young!! (i am actually! about the same age as one of your girls.. 20), but i wanted to say congrats to you for having bub! and send congrats to you girl..
what's it like being 41 and having a little tike around??
im nearly 20, plus have a 14 month old girl, and due in 20 days...

[email protected]

merry chrissy and a happy new year to all
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