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New Mums In The Campbelltown Area?? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
Im due with my 1st in 2 weeks and was hoping to meet some other mums from the campbelltown area. I dont have any friends with kids so it would be great to chat to some others from my area.
Add me to ur msn if you would like to chat
[email protected]


Hi Janna,
Congratulations on your first bubby.... It's pretty scary i know. My daughter is 6 months old and we called her Paige. Where abouts in Campbelltown are you? We live in Eagle Vale, just recently married 1 year ago. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Talk to you soon.

April, NSW, 1 little girl & 1 little boy

Hi how ru? I live in campbelltown and have a five and a half month old daughter and i was interested in meeting some other mums wit babies too.
email me at [email protected]

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