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Hey everyone
I'm 28 weeks pregnant and havent had any contact with the baby's father since early december. (baby is due early June).
I dont have any direct way of contacting him- no phone number nor do i have his address. My worry is with Centrelink- how am i supposed to apply for maintenance for my child once he is born if i don't have any details of the father?
He has shown no interest in the child and was very abusive in the short time we were together. I have spoken to legal aid about acess as I do not want him havin acess to my baby and so far had planned to simply not put his name on the birth certificate- this would cut out any risk of him trying to take baby off me (except if he wanted to pay for paternity testing) but then this also causes problems as far as the whole having to apply for maintenance thing. I can't see him paying for anything anyways.
Does anyone have any advice?
I saw that one of the members here got a maintenance exemption thing- what is this and could you please tell me more about it?
Hi AndySuperstar,
First of all congratulations.. Not long to go now, till you have your bundle of joy!! (How exciting)..
Anyways, I'm still trying to work out the whole maintenance thing.. I really don't understand the system!! Well.. I don't have my ex on birth certificate! Even if you write all fathers details on certificate application, they will not process his details unless you have his signature or you are married.. I didn't want his details on there anyway.. I haven't seen or spoken to him forever!! Then cos I didn't have any proof he's father thats where the problem starts.. You can get a statuary declaration which he could sign to give to child support agency (Do you think he'd be willing though)?? I was going to try and do that cos last resort, but then I found out ex moved to Melbourne. Makes my life easier cos I don't want to see or speak to him either so hopefully Legal aid will take care of it next week when I see them.. Also, Centrelink only give you a certain amount of time before they start deducting your pay if you don't keep trying for child support... If you don't want him on certificate just make sure you can get him to sign that stat dec or do that maintenance exemption thing which I'm going to query about next week..
Hope I've helped...

Hi Andy,
You shouldn't really worry about maintaince, i only get $66 a month. If you want maintaince you will just have problems with your ex. As far as centrelink is concern just say you dont know who the father is, then they cant do much.

Its like this: If you want nothing to do with him, dont bother with child support, its not worth it!!!

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

Thanks for the replies guys- it is a big help. Im still not sure what to do but still have a bit of time to decide i guess! hehe.
I didnt know about the stat dec thing- i guess if the father is refusing to acknowledge it is his child it also means he wont have acess. I guess Im still not sure what I want but the more information i get the better decision i can make. THanks again for the further information.
Hi Andysuperstar-
I got an exemption from centrelink for applying for maintinance. I have an avo against my ex, and when child support contacted him asking if he'd sign the stat dec, he refused, so they told me I would need to make a appointment with a social worker at centrelink. You could give it a try- don't be afraid to give them a bit of a sob story! If that doesn't work, I wouldn't bother if I were you- otherwise if you do get him tyo admit paternity, he may end up on the birth certificate, and you may end up with problems if he decides he wants access down the line.
Good luck!!!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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