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single mum in sydney Lock Rss

my name is shelle, recentley relocated to the sydney area, from the south coast looking to meet new friends, and build a new social circle, working part time at the moment, mum to two wonderful girls. smile, if anyone would like to chat, email me
[email protected]

shelle syd single mum

Hi my name is Erin and i am a young mum from western sydney also. I have a 5 and half month old girl named Talesha.
I am so desperately trying to find mums with the same or similar interests but it is so hard.

My email address is
[email protected]

Talesha and i would love to get to know you

Erin, NSW, 5month old girl

Hi Shelle
My name is Lisa. I have 3 girls. Just wondering what area in Sydney you are from.

nsw 4mth girl

hey there - where abouts are U & beautiful girls ?
hi Erin - I am totally with u - ITS so hard to meet new mums with same interests -
where are U guys living ?I have a 7 month old son ~

where in western sydney is every one from


Hi everyone I am 22 i have 2 children i live in western sydney i m part of a group of mums that meet weekly and we have our own online group feel free to join us


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