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Blacktown playgroup? Lock Rss

I was recommended by my clinic nurse to find a play group for my 6 month old son... I have a problem with that though, I work night shift at a club talking to thousands of people a night so the last thing I want to do on my day off is talk to a pile more people that I don't really know. I would like my son to have interaction with other kids his age even though he can't crawl or sit up yet. I don't know what to do... tempted to find one on a weekend and send my partner and son to it.

Bouncing baby boy 17/05/05

Sorry I don't know about one at Blacktown but I am aware of one that is run on a Sat morning for dads and bubs but this is at combridge park I will find out more and post it up for you.
hi bar i dont know where abouts in blacktown.....but here is a number for its called playgroup assocation 0296045513 just give them your area or even post code..let me know
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