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Would anyone be interested in... Lock Rss

Having a big meet up in Western Sydney not a regular thing but just every now and again.

Let me know if you are interested and any ideas you might have.

Where in Western Sydney are you???? I am at Smithfield is that too far from you?

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Copied from your other post in General

yes Yes YEs YES YES

Oh, did I say YES by the way..... he he he

We had a small meet at Merrylands a month ago and Emily had a great time. I am looking forward to having another one soon, but it would be lovely if there was more than just 3 of us Huggies mum.... lol

Can I please be the first one to say Fridays are out for me... sorry Emily has swimming lessons.

Please keep me informed of your progress.

Is OVER rude people

I'm with Tracey "where abouts are you looking at holding it?"
I'm in Liverpool and also don't have a car so i would be interested if it was easy enough to get to without a car.

my baby''''s becoming a big boy almost TT

I'm in Penrith so we could try and make it somewhere thats in the middle of where everyone lives and easy to get to. I was thinking Wednesday in 3 weeks i think that would make it the 2nd of July.
So have we got a day that will suit everyone.

I can't do Friday or Tuesday's but any other day is good for me.

HOw about we all write where we live so add to my list then we will be able to decide on where to have it and write what day best suits you.

Days that suit: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Where you live: Penrith
Hello JDC+Bump,

I would love to meet up also, so i'm definitely interested!!

I'm available any day of the week except for Tuesdays.
And i'm in Fairfield, but am happy to drive to where ever it is.

Has anyone got any thoughts as to whether we meet at a park or a play centre?

I also agree with lil_possum... it would be great if there were more then 3 of us that turned up this time. With 3 weeks to plan it hopefully there's a bigger response this time.

((waves hello to lil_possum))


Days that suit: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Where you live: Penrith
Days that suit: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Where you live: Fairfield

like i said in general hopefully i'll be there depending on how i go with the move and how i go finding my way around the outer suburbs i lived in syd for a year and only went topenrith once and that was like 9 at night because i wanted krispy kreme and dp wanted aqua golf
*******Waves frantically to Kylie*******

I think we have decided on Tic Tocs at Lurnea/Prestons I can't remember exactly what suburb it is in...... silly me..... It isn't far from Liverpool anyway.

They are tossing up between 25th June and 9th July, both are Wednesdays.

I think the later date is probably better as it will be a bit too soon for Mahalia-Steph and I think Wendy (Coffeeholic) is rostered on for the 25th.

Zachary could come too if it is on the 9th July as I think someone said it is school holidays.

Is OVER rude people

OK I think its finally set.

Where Tic tocs at Prestons

Date 9th July

Time 11am

I will put another post up closer to the date so no one will forget.
cool. what IS tic tocs? a play centre? dare i go..... hmmmmmmm. dare i show my big head?

Yes it is a play centre Mrs MM, I think the website is

Come and meet us.

Is OVER rude people

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