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Hi All Parents.

I too am a parent like you , but i also am a pharmacist and if anyone wants a question answered and perhaps it may be embarassing or maybe it is more convienient this way just FIRE AWAY !!!

I think these parent websites are great and i hope i can contribute by participating this way.

Mr Chemist.

Hi there Mr Chemist,

Can you please tell me my little girl Monique is on Lamictal and has been for 7 months.
Can you please tell me does it supresse there appetite as she is not really interested in her bottles and her solids.
Also i know it can make them drowsy but i thought after being on it for so long she would be use to it.
Monique has 25mg morning and night of Lamictal for her epilepsie.
I have asked a few doctors and that but i get so many different answers so just wondering what you have to say.

Hi Mr Chemist,

My llittle man is 19wks old and is on Zantac 3 times a day (2mls) per dose. This was the prescrided dose for him when he was around 2mths old. Does he out grow this dosage as he gets bigger? He is starting to show more signs of reflux again and was wondering if they can out grow the dosage as they get bigger. Because if they can I will take him back to the paed.



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