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need childcare with long hours Lock Rss

I am a single mother moving back to Sydney and need to find a day care centre that stays open very late (like midnight!) does anyone know of any centres that cater for people who work late hours. I'm thinking of moving to either the eastern suburbs (eg. coogee) or around the manly area, but nothing is finalised so will appreciate information on any sydney suburbs that have day care centres that stay open till the later hours.
Hi my name is Kim and i used to work in childcare and i'm now a nanny. The best thing that i could suggest is that you ring the local council close to where you are moving and enquire about family day care, they have extended hours for working families.
Hope it helps,

Kim. Alexi born 15/05/05, Riley born 19/10/07

hi petalberry,

i work in childcare and i would suggest a nanny or to try a child care centre in a hospital they have long hours, but ring first and have a look around.

all the best

shell g mum 2 b

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