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Playgroup In South Penrith!! Rss

Hi My name is sue If your interested in a Playgroup the is one in southlands behind south lands shopping centre in south Penrith. nsw. The Yourth Centre its a great playgroup Ive been their for a couple of years now. I love it.. you can Contact me on 0412235329. Or e-mail me or or we can just chat. I have msn messenger my nickname on that is susiesmile or sue. Come and have a chat with me anytime.
Does this still run?
Does this still run?
Hi Sarah, this post seems to be 10 years old so I am not sure if she will respond. Are you a part of the Mums and Bubs from the west group on Facebook? We have people arranging play sessions all the time on there. I hope this helps.
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