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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Lock Rss

Is anyone going to give birth at the RPA Hospital or has anyone given birth there.. Am thinking of going here myself but would love some feedback!

Sonya, Sydney - Baby Bump Due 30/08/06

Hi Sonya,

I personally havent had my bub at RPA but my friend has had her 2 bubs there and she thinks they were great, both times sent flowers to the maternity and delivery to say "thanks" for their wonderful help.

Hope this helps, anymore questions let me know and I can talk to her for you.


i had izacc at the rpa, the midwives were great while i was pregnant, they have an under 20's clinic which take people till about 25., so its really under 25's. they had 1 dr and 1 midwife, they were great.
then the labour strated, i went to hospital and they were friendly and very supportive towards aaron (partner) so if i was here for the next one i would have it there again
everyone might have good experiences but somehave bad, so take a walk around the hospital to see if u like it.

hope this helps.
Hi Foonchy,

i'll be having my baby at the RPA!! i have had all my check ups there, everyone seems to be nice and very helpful. its hard for them to return your calls bcos they have so many people to look after during the day (trust me phone calls is not the way to deal with RPA. they have so many diff #'s you wouldn't know which one is the right one). but if you were to walk in there and talk to them am sure they will help you out with everything you need.


i'm going for a hospital tour at rpa on thurs i'll let you know how it is
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