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Would you like to start a mother's Group (Strathfield/Concord area) Lock Rss


Are there any new mums out there who would like to form a mum's group? I am a 33 yo new mum with a 5mth old. My ECC group fell by the wayside and I would really enjoy some female company to share my experiences with! grin

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi! I am new to Sydney and would love to join a mothers group. I ahve a 3 yaer old who needs a few friends. If you have already started a group pleses let me know. I am in the Strathfield area.
from Perthpat

Perthpat,NSW,3yr old

Hi! Please forgive the spelling of my last email. From Perthpat

Perthpat,NSW,3yr old

I am 32 with an almost 8mth old in Concord. You are welcome to come to my mother's group. There's about 8 of us but only about 5 or 6 routinely. We meet alternate Mons and Weds. We are meeting next Mon 1st Nov at 10:30 at the coffee club at Burwood Westfields.

Hope you can make it.

I would love to join a mother's group in the area. I have recently moved to Nth Strathfield and don't know anybody in the area. I am 35 years old with a 14 month old.

Please email me at [email protected], I would love to hear from you.


Mum to toddler

Hi, I live in Strathfield and have three children 7,5 and just turned 2. I would love to catch up with some local people especially as my 2 year old will be a little lost next year when her brother starts school. I am 37 years old. Please keep me posted if you manage to get the mothers group up and at it. I am hoping to also go along to the Newton Road playgroup next year with Chloe. I have never been there but it has a great reputation.

Tanya, Strathfield

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