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if anyone has pnd please let me know how ur dealing with it and what works best for u,
im going ok but sometimes i get really upset and feel like im all alone
sorry if anyone want to chat my email is
Hi, I am also a PND sufferer. After my first baby it came on almost immediately and after a few years I recovered. This time it didn't come on until 8 months after the birth. I am on Anti depressants but I don't reckon they work that well. I am less anxious but I still have those really bad days. I often feel alone even though my oldest just started school and I have met heaps of mum's. I don't feel comfortable revealing my PND to people and most people don't understand what it is like. I feel pretty isolated even though there is a lot of love around me. It is important to get help early, with my first I was in denial and it almost cost me my marriage. I am looking into the 30plus vitamin supplement that helps correct hormone imbalance as I have had my hormones tested and they are way out.
Hope you are doing ok. I suffered from pnd during my pregnancy and after the birth of my daughter although it took professionals weeks to diagnose me. I can understand the feeling of being completely alone - I felt as though I was made of concrete and was being sucked into a black hole.
How did I manage? My mum and my hubby were both a huge support and I forced myself to tell my friends and ask for help. My daughter and I also spent some time in Tresillian where they helped me to learn strategies to cope with my PND. I also tried making lists of things that I achieved during the day, even if it was only making the bed and cooking dinner. Gradually the lists grew and I made sure I started to include some things for me on them. Ever so slowly I healed and although it took me about 17 months, the days definitely got brighter after about 4 months.
I hope this helps. Stay well and treasure your child.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

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